Get to know the study plan of the Marketing career

Our career provides a multidisciplinary academic foundation for future Marketing professionals. Courses such as Digital marketing and social networks, Trade marketing and retail or Consumer behavior help students explore the possibilities of their profession from different approaches. In addition, we have innovative elective courses such as Neuromarketing, Gastronomic Marketing, Fashion Marketing, and Sports Marketing, among others.

Degrees and titles that you will obtain

  • ​Bachelor in Marketing
  • ​Licentiate in Marketing

Courses of your career Download ​HERE​. ​

  • Only the compulsory courses of the Marketing career are listed in this study plan. The elective courses that the student can take are not considered.
  • Subject to changes by the Board of Directors of the University.

  • Cycle 0
    • Leveling in Mathematics
    • Leveling in Language
    • Leveling in Computer Science​

  • Cycle I
    • Mathematics I
    • Language I
    • Fundamentals of Business Sciences
    • Sociology
  • Cycle II
    • Consumer Behavior
    • General Economy I
    • Mathematics for Business
    • Accounting Fundamentals
    • Language II

  • Cycle III
    • Fundamentals of Marketing
    • General Economics II
    • Statistics I
    • Intermediate Accounting 
    • Academic Research​ 

  • Cycle IV
    • Product Strategies
    • Multivariate Analysis for Business
    • Management I
    • Accounting for Decision Making
    • Philosophy

  • Cycle V
    • Price Strategies
    • Market Research
    • Quantitative Analysis for Business
    • Economic and Business History​
    • Informatics for Business I
    • Finance Fundamentals
  • Cycle VI
    • Distribution and Retail Channels
    • Communication Strategies
    • Applied Market Research
    • Operative Administration
    • Informatics for Business II
    • Corporate Finance I​
  • Cycle VII
    • Trade Marketing and Retail
    • Advertising and Media Planning​
    • Financial Evaluation of Companies
    • Law Applied to Marketing​
    • Theology of Religions
    • Political Science

  • Cycle VIII
    • Sales Management and Commercial Teams​
    • Branding Strategies
    • Strategic Direction
    • Strategic Management of Responsibility Social
    • Social projection​
    • Contemporary Social Thought

  • Cycle IX
    • Marketing Management Metrics​
    • Digital Marketing and Social Networks 
    • Ethics

  • Cycle X
    • Marketing Integrator Project

    This curriculum only comprises the required courses of the Marketing degree program. It does not include elective courses made available to students.

    *Curriculum will be effective from 2017-I, subject to changes by the University Governing Board. ​



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Colomba De La Piedra

Colomba De La Piedra

Graduated from Pacifico and Digital Advertising Manager at Scotiabank

"Universidad del Pacífico taught me to be innovative and flexible, which allowed me to be able to recognize opportunities. In addition, it taught me to be very strategic, because not all media are for all brands; not all waves of novelties are going to make a good match with who you are or represent. It is necessary to be strategic to recognize an innovation and capitalize on it according to your objectives".