Universidad del Pacífico has a system of fee scales and reserves the right to assign each admitted applicant a scale according to the family's financial situation (not only the school of origin).​
The fees are according to the assigned scale and the number of credits the student has enrolled in.

Cost per credit in each scale:
​*Enrolment fee: S/ 245  

Each term, five instalments are paid, and their value corresponds to the number of credits the student is enrolled in. In the first term, the Academic Services and Records Office determines the number of credits the student will enroll in. From the second term onward, each student has the opportunity to vary this number and, consequently, the value of each instalment.

The Fees Division is in charge of evaluating the family's financial situation and assigning the corresponding fee scale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do all students pay Scale 1 on being admitted?
No. Fee scales at Universidad del Pacífico are assigned on an individual basis. In this process, socio-economic information is requested in order to assign a fee scale, from the first study term. Scale 1 corresponds to the actual cost of studying at Universidad del Pacífico. Scales 2, 3 and 4 constitute a special consideration, assigned according to the socio-economic situation of each student.

  • What can I do if I am unable to afford the assigned fee scale?
If you cannot afford the scale, it may be reviewed. For this purpose, you should notify the Fees Division in order for the final scale evaluation to be done earlier. This includes a visit to the student's home.

  •  What would happen if, at any point during my studies, we were unable to afford the fees due to financial problems?
If there are changes in the socio-economic situation of the family, the fee scale may be reviewed at any point during the student's course. For this purpose, you should go to the Pensions Division offices to start the corresponding proceeding.

  • How can I calculate the amount to be paid, if I know my scale?
Each scale has its corresponding cost per credit. The cost of each credit is multiplied by the number of credits the student has enrolled in. The result is the total semester fee. Payment is made in five instalments every 30 days, approximately. For example, for 20 regular credits with the cost in the year 2016, the cost per credit and the monthly instalments in each of the scales are as follows:

Escalas de pensiones 2016.JPG