Religious counseling

Asesoria Religiosa

Universidad del Pacífico, through its Religious Counseling area, offers a space of self-encounter and personal dialog. Thus, the university remains faithful to its calling, identity and mission, aligned to the Jesuit principles, and accompanies and supports personal and community growth processes under the light of faith.​

Celebraciones litúrgicas y sacramentales

Liturgical and sacramental celebrations

Guides the university community into the strengthening of its faith and prepares students to receive the sacraments, such as confirmation.​
Retiros espirituales

Spiritual retreats

Prepares visits to areas close to Lima surrounded by peaceful environments, in order to perform spiritual discernment exercises that can help people.​

Prayer Workshops

They are carried out in the Chapel of Universidad del Pacífico, under the principles of the Society of Jesus and through the Taizé prayer.​

Voluntary work

The university organizes voluntary work groups to visit old people in nursing homes and abandoned children in different parts of the country.​

Spiritual accompaniment

It provides spiritual support and counseling to students, professors and administrative staff of Universidad del Pacífico throughout the entire year.​

Discussion panels

Take part in university forums, round tables and other forms of interdisciplinary dialogs, related to faith and spirituality.​


José Piedra Valdez
Jose Piedra Valdez

Doctor in Theology from the Pontificia Università Gregoriana (Rome), Degree in Theology from the Centre Sèvres (Paris) and Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Pontificia Universidad de Comillas (Madrid). He is a Professor in the Humanities Academic Department and a religious counselor at Universidad del Pacífico. He collaborates with the comprehensive education of students through the teaching of Ethics and Theology. He has been part of the Society of Jesus' theological research committee for Latin America. since 2007.


Phone: (511) 219 0100 extension 2125​