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Universidad del Pacífico presented its 2020 honor roll

During the opening ceremony of the 2021 academic year, the President of Universidad del Pacífico, Felipe Portocarrero, acknowledged the effort and learning acquired when facing the challenge of virtualization.

UP Legal Clinic on Freedom of Information and Transparency prepared a study on candidates' information portals for the 2021 Elections.

​Analysis and critique of the electronic information tools of our Electoral System. Source: Alumni UP Number 30.

Chinese Ambassador to Peru and Chinese scholars participated in a workshop at UP

​​Universidad del Pacífico Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies and the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (ILAS-CASS) organized the international workshop "Cooperación industrial y proyecto del corredor ferroviario bioceánico: diálogo informal Perú-China" ("Industrial cooperation and the bioceanic railway corridor project: Informal Peru-China dialog") which was attended by representatives from the local public, private and academic sectors.

Are you aiming to finance your venture? Get to know 6 alternatives to do it

​In the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, Peru ranks first in the entrepreneurship spirit Index within Latin America.

Universidad del Pacífico presented its Observatory of Urban Freight Transport

​The project's pilot consists of 530 trucks with GPS devices. The information collected from these vehicles will establish public policies to counteract problems such as traffic congestion.


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You are what you decide – Luis Felipe Castellanos| Universidad del Pacífico

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José Luis Bonifaz
Director of the School of Public Management at Universidad del Pacífico, director of the Master program in Regulation of Public Services and Infrastructure Management at Universidad del Pacífico. He graduated as a civil engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and holds a Master of Arts from Georgetown University.​
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Economy for everyone

I decided to write this blog to share my vision that economy is very simple if we express it in easy terms. I'm not going to assume that the person reading knows about the subject. I believe economy does not work in a vacuum, but in a political, social and historical context. That is, it doesn't solve problems by itself: you have to put it in a bigger environment and study it from a multidisciplinary perspective.​

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