Frequently Asked Questions

  • About training

    For how many years of academic life has Universidad del Pacifico stood?​

    For almost 60 years; in Pacifico we cultivate academic excellence and a humane and ethical vision of society. Therefore, we offer you a solid, multidisciplinary and intercultural training.

    Why does the University educate "responsible leaders for the world?”

    The University is concerned that its students become leaders and take on the task of helping the organizations in which they work and society, thus becoming better places to live.

    In this way, it encourages them to be responsible, to care for vulnerable social groups and for the care of the planet. In addition, it ensures that its vocation of service and commitment is projected beyond national borders and has an impact on the world.

    Why do they say that the UP has a different training than other institutions?

    Universidad del Pacifico is characterized by preparing its students for a challenging and competitive world, by providing them with comprehensive training at all levels. Its objective is that these students contribute to the development of the country thanks to their training, knowledge and leadership.​

    Do your graduates hold large positions in today's job market?

    Our graduates are the best reflection of our academic excellence. They work leading the main national and international companies and managing in the public sector.​

    In the public sector we have the former Economics minister: María Antonieta Alva, the president of Banco Central de Reserva (BCP), Julio Velarde, who is also a professor at the University, and Elsa Galarza, a former minister of the environment, among other leaders. In the private sector we have Miguel Ucceli, Scotiabank’s CEO, Gianfranco Ferrari, BCP´s CEO, Mariela García, Ferreycorp´s CEO, among other great professionals. In addition, we can mention those graduates who decided to start a successful company such as Diego Olcese, Founder of Crehana; Gerardo Reategui, Founder of Cabify in Peru; Ileana Tapia, Founder of Sicurezza, among other responsible leaders who have made a difference in Peru and the world.

  • About the University

    Does the University have a Graduate School?

    Yes, the mission of the Graduate School of Universidad del Pacifico is to contribute to the economic development and social well-being of the country. The institution educates ethical professionals and leaders in their fields of expertise, capable of innovating and generating value in global environments.

    What other areas do exist in the University?

    There are many internal areas in the UP. Now we will detail some of them.

    Research Center (CIUP): Through the rigorous and ethical study of the national and international reality, CIUP contributes to the development and democratization of the country.

    Editorial background: Their publications have as a common denominator a permanent commitment to study and academic research, aimed at investigating the problems and opportunities of the country.

    Language Center: Universidad del Pacifico is a pioneer in Peru in teaching English specialized in business and in the use of technological resources for it.

    Tinkuypata International Center (Cusco): It offers foreign students the opportunity to study in a unique archaeological and historical enclave, Cusco.​

    Leadership Center: Its purpose is to promote responsible leadership for innovative and inclusive management. It seeks to provide greater efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness to private companies and public and social institutions.

    Emprende UP (Undertake UP): It is a great space to promote entrepreneurship among University students, based on permanent advice for the development of socially responsible business projects.

    Since when has the University been involved with social responsibility?

    Universidad del Pacifico is a pioneer in social responsibility as it has been practicing it for more than twenty years. It was the first University to start researching this topic and creating alliances in this regard.

    What social responsibility initiatives does the university have?

    The initiatives in which it works are diverse:

    Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN): Universidad del Pacifico is the only Peruvian university selected by Harvard Business School to join the SEKN, and thus disseminate the knowledge and practices of companies through research and shared learning.

    Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (WGCP): Universidad del Pacífico is the only university in Peru selected by Harvard Business School to be a part of SEKN and disseminate business knowledge and practices through research and shared learning.

    Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (WGCP): Universidad del Pacifico Graduate School is the only one in Peru present at WGCP. This global program includes social responsibility cases as part of the consultancies.

    Leadership and Philanthropy in the Americas Program: Promoted by the W.K. Kellogg Fundation, carries out the “Peru Promise” initiative, which has among its products the Social Responsibility Contest for Young University Students.​

    Social Responsibility Library: With more than thirty titles published, Universidad del Pacifico Editorial Fund Library is an important academic reference in the region.

    Center for Accounting and Sustainable Management (CCGS): Supports the study, training and dissemination of business practices that promote care for the country's ecology and biodiversity.

    Educational Exchange Program (PIE): It is an interuniversity network aimed at developing links between Universidad del Pacifico and the national universities of the provinces.

  • About Universidad del Pacifico

    How is life on campus?

    As part of the integral development of the student, the University encourages the development of artistic, cultural and sports activities. In addition, students can join various student organizations.

    Does Pacifico promote personalized teaching?

    Our proposal as a university is not to be massive; we seek to maintain academic excellence and that is achieved with personalized teaching with few students per classroom. This attribute of our educational proposal is very valuable for students, as it not only helps them in their academic training but also helps them to form closer ties with their classmates and teachers. It is very useful also when you want letters of recommendation for jobs, post-university studies or help for international exams.

    Are Pacifico teachers demanding?

    Our recognized academic excellence is backed by the quality of our faculty. 100% of full-time teachers in Pacifico are researchers, and 70% have doctorates from prestigious international universities. Our academic demands, together with a human and ethical vision of society, continue to form responsible leaders that the world needs.

    Does the University have any international accreditation?

    Universidad del Pacifico is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), one of the world's leading undergraduate and graduate accreditation bodies for universities and business schools. Only 6% of universities in the world have this accreditation.

    What is the Consortium of Universities about?

    It is a non-profit civil association, made up of four universities: Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Universidad de Lima and Universidad del Pacifico.

    Since it was created, in June 1996, its objective is to unite individual efforts and promote the joint action of these houses of study in favor of the integral development of Peru.

    Will I be able to live international experiences in Pacifico?

    Internationalization is an innate and strategic component in our training proposal. We have more than 160 agreements with prestigious universities around the world, and an intercultural campus in which students share learning with professors trained in the main universities in America, Europe and Asia. In addition, we annually receive students from different continents, who enrich the integral development of our academic community.

    In Pacifico we live the world in each of our nine majors through double academic degree options with internationally renowned universities, elective courses abroad, international research projects, participation in international competitions, through the UP international week and other initiatives with a global approach promoted by the university.

    Do you have international agreements with prestigious universities?

    20% of our agreements are with “Triple Crown” universities such as Aarhus University (Denmark), EM Lyon Business School (France) or Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (Portugal). The “Triple Crown” is an institutional recognition received by business schools that have the three main international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. In the world, only 90 universities around the world have this distinction.

  • About careers

    What careers does Universidad del Pacifico offer?

    Universidad del Pacifico offers nine majors: Administration, Accounting, Law, Economics, Finance, Information Engineering, Business Engineering, Marketing and International Business.


    Is the Pacifico network of administrators made up of the main CEOs of Peru?
    Administration graduates from Universidad del Pacifico are recognized even outside our borders, as they have developed sustainable and profitable ventures over time. Therefore, they make up an important network of general managers at the national level.
    If I study Administration, will I only be able to be successful in Peru?
    The management tools that Pacifico offers its students are used globally, our graduates acquire skills to develop in any organization because they understand the business world, recognize its competitive variables and lead its transformation. In addition, we have strategic alliances based on agreements, internships abroad and a double international degree with the HEC Montreal University of Canada.
    Are Administration graduates the best paid in the country?
    In the administration career, more than 100 successful ventures have been developed. Our graduates of the Administration career are professionals with a broad vision for business, they have leadership skills, social, environmental and economic vision. For this reason, they are requested in the labor market, positioning themselves among the first places of remuneration in our country.

    What is the difference between Administration and Marketing?
    Administration studies human organizations so that they make the most of the resources available to them. Thus, having a clear structure and procedures, the administrator leads, plans, organizes, directs and controls the efficient use of its human, material, technical and financial resources. In this context, a Pacifico administrator is a versatile professional, who has the ability to direct large companies in different areas and is prepared to successfully start and manage his own business.

    Marketing is the set of activities aimed at identifying and satisfying the needs and desires of consumers to improve the sales of a certain product or service. In that sense, a marketing expert from Pacifico has a multidisciplinary academic base, leads brands with a purpose, generating value for consumers, companies and the world. He identifies opportunities through in-depth knowledge of consumer preferences and needs, they are strategic, analytical, innovative and dynamic.


    If I study Accounting in Pacifico, will I be able to work in the main authorized firms in the world?
    Yes, our graduates work in the main largest auditing firms in the world, such as: Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG and PwC, as well as in companies in other sectors such as Telefónica, Belcorp, Ripley, Colgate, among others, where their talent is highly valued.
    Is Accounting in Pacifico a mechanical, operational career with no business focus?
    Our accountant is a leader and strategic partner of companies, they ensure their organization’s financial sustainability and helps generate business. He contributes to making the best decisions because he knows the structure of the company, strategically manages all its business units and analyzes its financial environment with an ethical sense and a focus on social responsibility.
    Is it the only internationally accredited Accounting career in Peru?
    Accounting in Pacifico has received AACSB accreditation, a guarantee of the quality of our teaching. Only 6% of the world's leading universities such as Harvard University, Yale University and Columbia University have this prestigious certification.
    What is the difference between Accounting and Finance?
    Accounting is responsible for studying, measuring and analyzing the assets and the current financial and economic situation of an organization. In this sense, we train accountants who know business and lead the globalization of companies with a comprehensive and strategic approach by knowing the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in depth, which are applied in more than 100 countries.

    Finance studies how to obtain and manage money and capital, and how economic agents (companies, families or the State) make investment, saving and spending decisions. In this context, we train financiers who have a global vision of business and a capacity for analysis with a strategic focus on financial and economic information that allows them to make key decisions that generate value for companies.


    If I study Law in Pacifico, will I only be able to work in law companies or firms?
    Our graduates work in a series of fields of law: some work in human resources areas in transnational companies, others in NGOs, in environmental or humanitarian law issues, in international human rights organizations, they are diplomats or work in public service institutions.
    Do Pacifico Lawyers Only Know Business Law?
    Pacifico lawyers have a solid background in civil law, which is the basis on which general law is built: business, arbitration, litigation, constitutional, etc. Additionally, learning economic and financial concepts will allow you to face current challenges and communicate fluently with different specialists. Because the lawyer who knows and understands numbers will always be a better lawyer!
    Does the law involve learning many laws by heart?
    The study of the laws is elementary for the career, but more than learning them by heart, what is really important is to interpret them. Many laws change or are even annulled, so learning them by heart is meaningless. Pacifico will give you a critical and ethical sense that will allow you to apply the law for the benefit of society.


    Is it only necessary to master mathematics to study economics?
    Economists from Pacifico graduate mastering a comprehensive knowledge that is not only governed by numbers. For this reason, we have a curricular plan with a humanistic, social, ethical and highly critical approach.
    Can an economist contribute to the solution of problems that affect people and society?
    An economist is in charge of studying various problems, as well as their consequences, whether individual or collective. In this way, they analyze economic phenomena from their structure. With this, he interprets and develops models that generate a beneficial impact on the economy of individuals, companies and societies.
    Does Pacifico host events in the field of Economics?
    We host events of great relevance for anyone interested in the economy. We host the Congress of the Peruvian Association of Economics, in addition to the Meeting of Economists, LACEA, GDN, among many more.


    Can I get to generate value in companies from the Finance career?
    A financier of Pacifico is an agent that promotes continuous improvements for the development of the company, generating value and greater benefits for its members.
    Is the Finance career the same as Accounting?
    Although both careers feed off each other, they do not imply the same thing. While accounting points to the knowledge of IFRS through a strategic and globalized approach; The financier of Pacifico uses this data to analyze, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, the situation of the company, to generate different solutions and improvements for the growth of organizations.
    Are they pioneers in the teaching of Finance in Peru?
    Universidad del Pacifico maintains a tradition recognized for its educational demands and also for being the first in Peru to promote specialized education in Finance.

    Business Engineering

    Are Business Engineering graduates the best paid in Peru?
    After an arduous analysis of the labor market in Peru, the specialized portal concluded that business engineers graduated from Universidad del Pacifico, in addition to having a high degree of employability, are listed as those with the highest income.
    Do Business Engineering students excel in innovation competencies worldwide?
    At Pacifico we promote the professional growth of our students from day one. For this reason, we invite our students to take part in experiences such as the MIT Scale Latin America Conference and The Fresh Connection contest, among other competitions.
    Is technology an important factor for Ingeniería Empresarial de Pacifico?
    Business engineers are prepared to identify and analyze each challenge of the company, having technology as a reliable ally to generate solutions based on strategies that guide the digital transformation.

    Information Engineering

    Is Information Engineering equal to Business Engineering?
    They are different specializations. The information engineer is a data scientist, a data scientist. In companies, she analyzes data to find usage trends, consumption patterns and lifestyles from which new products or services will be designed. The business engineer has a profile more linked to entrepreneurship, processes and business management.
    If I study Information Engineering, will I only be able to work in technology companies?
    As an information engineer in Pacifico you can work in sectors such as banking, insurance, tourism or retail, even in entertainment companies such as Netflix and Spotify. Being able to analyze all types of data and formats will offer you a wide field of action, transversal to all industries.
    Do I have to like technology to study Information Engineering?
    The information engineer creates and innovates using specialized technology in data management constantly. He masters the latest in technology, but also knows business management to optimize processes and propose strategic decisions.


    Is Pacifico a strategic partner in the main Marketing and advertising events in Peru?
    We are strategic partners in the academic part of the Effie Awards in Peru, every year Pacifico hosts this international award that recognizes the best local advertising, marketing and communication campaigns.

    We are also the headquarters of the Marketing Summit, the most important event in the sector. There are two days where the main exponents of the country meet and top-level international speakers are invited.

    Is Marketing the area that generates value for companies?
    All companies need to generate value, and that is what marketing does: research the market, study trends, develop products, set the price, see distribution channels and propose strategies in conjunction with the rest of the areas of the company to increase sales.
    Is the Administration career better than Marketing?
    The two careers are just as important. While Administration is more general and offers a broader panorama, in Marketing you take Administration courses, but with a more specialized focus. Our proposal combines analysis, innovation and creativity. You will train as a professional who understands marketing strategically and analytically.

    International Business

    Is International Business a career for a more executive profile and not for a social profile?
    A global manager from Pacifico contributes with their environment and can directly help fight poverty. For example, helping small farmers of organic products to sell them abroad. Three important lines make up our career: research, management and international management.
    Is International Business the same as Foreign Trade?
    Foreign trade, understood as exports and imports between countries, is only part of international business. There are institutions that teach foreign trade and focus only on the technical, on the operational. In Pacifico the focus is strategic!

    That is why we train global managers; that is to say, international business managers whose strength is the management, creating businesses or promoting them. Pacifico Global Manager is a strategist who identifies and manages business opportunities in global environments and in increasingly competitive global contexts.

    Are Pacifico International Business teachers PHD?
    All the full-time professors of the career have completed doctorates and are permanently dedicated to research. From the Strategic Observatory of Pacifico Alliance, they interconnect the business community of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, proposing commercial policy actions. In addition, they are part of the main networks for the generation of knowledge in international business and multilateral relations in the world.

  • About the admission routes

    What are "confidential reports" for Selective Admission?

    They are reports to be written by two teachers or people from an educational, cultural, sporting or religious institution which the applicant belongs to. They need to have known the applicant for at least a year. The two referees should send these documents directly to Universidad del Pacífico electronically.

    What happens if I do not have certificates for all my extracurricular activities?

    If you do not have such certificates, it will suffice with the information you stated on the UP Portal.

    ​How do I submit my documents for registration?

    ​To apply to Universidad del Pacífico, you do not need to submit any hard copy (before being selected). All documents (report cards, extracurricular activity certificates, etc.) need to be scanned and uploaded onto the UP Portal. Registration is done online.


  • About the admission process

    When does the 2017 admission process begin?

    The 2017 Admissions begin on July 11th, 2016 with registration for the admission routes of Direct Entry on Academic Merit, Selective Admission and Direct Entry for Baccalaureate Graduates.t

    What are the opening hours of the Admissions Office?

    From Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (uninterrupted). To contact the Admissions Office, you can phone 219 0100, extensions 2177/2197/2359 or email

    Where can I download the Admission Prospectus and the forms?

    For further information on the necessary documents for registration, visit our web portal, register and download the prospectus and forms.

    Which topics are covered in the regular entrance examination?

    The topic list of the entrance examination appears in the admission prospectus, which can be downloaded from the UP Portal (​ after registration.

    What happens if I apply to a certain degree course and I then decide to change it?

    You can only change courses after finishing the first regular term, through the Academic Services office and after evaluation by the School Dean.

    What are the requirements to transfer to Universidad del Pacífico?

    To apply for a Transfer, you need to have passed 72 credits and you cannot have been expelled from your original university for academic or disciplinary reasons.

    What services are offered by the Pre-University School?

    Universidad del Pacífico's Pre-University School offers the following services:

    • Writing Workshop 
    • Mathematics Seminar 
    • Spanish Language Seminar 
    • IT Seminar

    If I study at the Pre-University School, will I have direct entry?

    To be able to enter Universidad del Pacífico, you need to apply under the Direct Entry for the Pre-University School route, and fulfil the requirements established for this route. 

    If I fail at the Pre-University School, am I disqualified from admission to Universidad del Pacífico?

    If you fail at the Pre-University School, you can still enter Universidad del Pacífico through the entrance examination.​

  • About the university events

    Is it necessary to hold my DNI to attend any events held at Universidad del Pacífico?

    ​Yes. But you need to register beforehand on the UP Portal. To do this, you need to fill out a form in which your DNI number is requested. Remember that, even if you are under 18, you need to hold it.

    When can I visit Universidad del Pacífico?

    Anyone interested in applying to the University is welcome to visit us. All you need to do is to notify your tutor at school, so they can email us in advance at

    Some of our activities include exploring the university campus.

    Can I enroll in more than one workshop?

    You can enroll in as many workshops as you wish.

    Are the cases dealt with in the workshops different each time?

    Cases depend on the lecturer in charge of the class; they are generally all different.

  • About the UP Portal

    What is the UP Portal?

    The UP Portal is an Internet website where the students can access the admission prospectus, the list of requirements to apply under any route and the admissions calendar, among others.

    How do I obtain a username and a password to enter the UP Portal?

    ​To log into the UP Portal, you need to register as a user in advance. Choose your profile and complete all the information required. Once you have completed all three stages of registration, we will send you the username by email, so that you can log into the UP Portal

    How do I recover my password?

    If you do not remember your password, click here.

    Why haven't I received the email with my username?

    If the email does not arrive, we suggest you check your Spam or Unsolicited email folders. Our emails sometimes reach that folder, so you should label them as Solicited email.​