Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the training provided by the University

    How long is Universidad del Pacífico's academic life?​

    Universidad del Pacífico has existed for over five decades. In this period, it has trained integral, competent and socially responsible professionals with a vocation of service and committed to our country. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012; fifty years providing an education of excellent standards through the degrees it offers.

    Why does the University train "responsible leaders for the world"?​

    The University's concern is to have students who are leaders and undertake the task of contributing to the improvement of the organizations they work for and society.

    Thus, it encourages them to be responsible, to show concern for vulnerable social groups and for the care of the planet. It also ensures that its vocation for service and commitment projects goes beyond the national borders and has an impact on the entire world.

    Why is it said that Universidad del Pacífico provides training different from that in other institutions?

    Universidad del Pacífico distinguishes itself for preparing its students for a challenging and competitive world, by providing them with integral training in all aspects. Its aim is to have such students contribute to the country's development thanks to their training, knowledge and leadership.​

  • About the University

    Does the University have a Graduate School?

    Yes, Universidad del Pacífico's Graduate School has as its mission to contribute to the economic development and the social well-being of our country. The University trains ethical professionals and leaders in their fields of specialization, capable of innovating and generating value in global environments.

    Which other areas exist within the University?

    There are quite a few areas within Universidad del Pacífico. Some of them are:

    Research Center (CIUP): Through a rigorous and ethical study of the national and international realities, CIUP contributes to the country's development and democratization.

    Publishing Fund: The common aspect to its publications is the permanent commitment to study and academic research, oriented to doing research on the country's problems and opportunities.

    Language Center: Universidad del Pacífico is a pioneer in Peru of Business English teaching and using technological resources for this purpose.

    Tinkuypata International Center (Cusco): It offers foreign students the opportunity to study in a unique archeological and historical location: Cusco.​

    Leadership Center: Its purpose is to promote responsible leadership for innovative and integrative management. It seeks to provide higher efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness to private companies and public or social institutions.

    Emprende UP: It is a remarkable space to promote entrepreneurship among the University's students, starting from permanent counseling for the development of socially responsible business projects.

    How long has the University been involved in social responsibility?
    Universidad del Pacífico is a pioneer in social responsibility because it has been practicing it for over twenty years. It is the first university to perform research on this issue and to create related alliances.

    What are the University's social responsibility initiatives?
    There are various initiatives it works on:

    Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN): la UP es la única universidad peruana seleccionada por Harvard Business School para integrar la SEKN, y así difundir el conocimiento y prácticas de las empresas a través de la investigación y el aprendizaje compartido.

    Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (WGCP): Universidad del Pacífico is the only university in Peru selected by Harvard Business School to be a part of SEKN and disseminate business knowledge and practices through research and shared learning.

    Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (WGCP): The Universidad del Pacífico Graduate School is the only one in Peru present in WGCP. This worldwide program includes social responsibility cases as part of consulting.

    Leadership and Philanthropy in the Americas Program: promoted by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, it organizes the "Perú Promesa" initiative, which offers the Social Responsibility Contest for University Students among other activities.​

    Social Responsibility Library: with over thirty publications, the Library of the Universidad del Pacífico Publishing Fund is an important reference for the region's academic world.

    Center for Accounting and Sustainable Management (CCGS): it supports the study, training and dissemination of business practices which promote caring for the country's ecology and biodiversity.

    Educational Exchange Program (PIE): it is an inter-university network oriented to the development of links between Universidad del Pacífico and state-run universities inside Peru.

    Fondo UP Solidario (UP Support Fund): it constitutes an opportunity to change the future of many young people who demonstrate a high academic performance, proactivity and leadership potential, by providing them with the possibility of accessing high quality education.​

  • About life at Universidad del Pacífico

    What is campus life like?

    As part of students' integral development, the University encourages students to experience artistic, cultural and sporting activities. In addition, students can take part in several student organizations.

    Does the University hold any international accreditations?

    Universidad del Pacífico is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), one of the world's most important accreditation bodies for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at universities and business schools. Only 5% of universities worldwide hold this accreditation.

    What is the University Consortium about?

    It is a non-profit corporation consisting of four member universities: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Universidad de Lima and Universidad del Pacífico.

    Since its creation in 1996, it has aimed to bring together all individual efforts and strengthen the work these institutions perform together for Peru's integral development.

    Does Universidad del Pacífico have any agreements with foreign universities?

    Yes. Universidad del Pacífico has signed agreements with over one hundred universities worldwide. Thanks to these agreements, its students can study abroad for a full academic term and validate all passed credits. In turn, the University welcomes dozens of foreign students each term, which turns the University into a true intercultural space.​

  • About the degree courses offered

    Which degree courses does Universidad del Pacífico offer?

    Universidad del Pacífico offers nine degree courses: Management, Accounting, Law, Economics, Finance, Information Engineering, Business Engineering, Marketing and International Business.t

  • About the admission routes

    What are "confidential reports" for Selective Admission?

    They are reports to be written by two teachers or people from an educational, cultural, sporting or religious institution which the applicant belongs to. They need to have known the applicant for at least a year. The two referees should send these documents directly to Universidad del Pacífico electronically.

    What happens if I do not have certificates for all my extracurricular activities?

    If you do not have such certificates, it will suffice with the information you stated on the UP Portal.

    ​How do I submit my documents for registration?

    ​To apply to Universidad del Pacífico, you do not need to submit any hard copy (before being selected). All documents (report cards, extracurricular activity certificates, etc.) need to be scanned and uploaded onto the UP Portal. Registration is done online.


  • About the admission process

    When does the 2017 admission process begin?

    The 2017 Admissions begin on July 11th, 2016 with registration for the admission routes of Direct Entry on Academic Merit, Selective Admission and Direct Entry for Baccalaureate Graduates.t

    What are the opening hours of the Admissions Office?

    From Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (uninterrupted). To contact the Admissions Office, you can phone 219 0100, extensions 2177/2197/2359 or email

    Where can I download the Admission Prospectus and the forms?

    For further information on the necessary documents for registration, visit our web portal, register and download the prospectus and forms.

    Which topics are covered in the regular entrance examination?

    The topic list of the entrance examination appears in the admission prospectus, which can be downloaded from the UP Portal (​ after registration.

    What happens if I apply to a certain degree course and I then decide to change it?

    You can only change courses after finishing the first regular term, through the Academic Services office and after evaluation by the School Dean.

    What are the requirements to transfer to Universidad del Pacífico?

    To apply for a Transfer, you need to have passed 72 credits and you cannot have been expelled from your original university for academic or disciplinary reasons.

    What services are offered by the Pre-University School?

    Universidad del Pacífico's Pre-University School offers the following services:

    • Writing Workshop 
    • Mathematics Seminar 
    • Spanish Language Seminar 
    • IT Seminar

    If I study at the Pre-University School, will I have direct entry?

    To be able to enter Universidad del Pacífico, you need to apply under the Direct Entry for the Pre-University School route, and fulfil the requirements established for this route. 

    If I fail at the Pre-University School, am I disqualified from admission to Universidad del Pacífico?

    If you fail at the Pre-University School, you can still enter Universidad del Pacífico through the entrance examination.​

  • About the university events

    Is it necessary to hold my DNI to attend any events held at Universidad del Pacífico?

    ​Yes. But you need to register beforehand on the UP Portal. To do this, you need to fill out a form in which your DNI number is requested. Remember that, even if you are under 18, you need to hold it.

    When can I visit Universidad del Pacífico?

    Anyone interested in applying to the University is welcome to visit us. All you need to do is to notify your tutor at school, so they can email us in advance at

    Some of our activities include exploring the university campus.

    Can I enroll in more than one workshop?

    You can enroll in as many workshops as you wish.

    Are the cases dealt with in the workshops different each time?

    Cases depend on the lecturer in charge of the class; they are generally all different.

  • About the UP Portal

    What is the UP Portal?

    The UP Portal is an Internet website where the students can access the admission prospectus, the list of requirements to apply under any route and the admissions calendar, among others.

    How do I obtain a username and a password to enter the UP Portal?

    ​To log into the UP Portal, you need to register as a user in advance. Choose your profile and complete all the information required. Once you have completed all three stages of registration, we will send you the username by email, so that you can log into the UP Portal

    How do I recover my password?

    If you do not remember your password, click here.

    Why haven't I received the email with my username?

    If the email does not arrive, we suggest you check your Spam or Unsolicited email folders. Our emails sometimes reach that folder, so you should label them as Solicited email.​