Special Cases

La Universidad del Pacífico ofrece facilidades para que diversos grupos de personas accedan a estudiar en ella. ¿Cuáles son esos casos especiales para ingresar a la UP?​
  • Diplomats' and international officials' spouses and children.

    Peruvian or foreign diplomats' and international officials' spouses and children who studied secondary school or university studies outside Peru may apply to Universidad del Pacífico and undergo an admission process according to the studies they carried out. Application will be done on the established dates for each route, or on dates established by the Admissions Council.

    Important Notices

    Apart from the required documents according to each admission route, applicants should submit at the moment of applying:

    • Original accreditation of the diplomat or international official status and of the entry in Peru due to beginning or end of mission, as corresponds.
    • Original marriage certificate, if the applicant is a diplomat's or international official's spouse.​
  • People with different skills

    Universidad del Pacífico provides, in each of the admission routes, in compliance with the law, the necessary measures to enable people with different skills to undergo the application process under the routes stated in the prospectus. In addition, the University provides the necessary measures to ensure the students' successful completion of their degrees.

    This institution reserves 5% of the available places to people with disabilities, who will be admitted after evaluation in the established routes.​

  • Outstanding sportspeople and artists

    ​​​​Universidad del Pacífico supports people who stand out in sporting and artistic activities. It encourages them and recognizes their efforts. For this reason, people who can certify that they, at the request of their relevant National Federation and under approval of the National Institute of Sport, are considered "outstanding sportspeople" or certified by the Ministry of Culture as "outstanding artists" will be able to:

    • Register and be evaluated under any admission route, provided that they meet all the relevant requirements, on special dates established by the Admissions Council. For the Regular Admission  route, the benefit of a special date does not apply.
    • Admitted applicants will, to the extent practicable, be able to have exam, quiz or assignment submission dates changed when these coincide with national or international sporting or artistic events in which they participate. They will also be given permission to train, gather with their groups and comp​ete at the request of the relevant National Federation or the Ministry of Culture.

    Important Notice​​

    • For further information on the necessary documents to register under this route, enter the UP Portal, register and download the prospectus.