Degrees, Graduate Studies and Languages

Universidad del Pacífico provides a unique experience to its students through an integral educational model which offers training while emphasizing the human component. Its academic programs are multidisciplinary and have been designed to strengthen the students' skills and talent.​​


Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

With an academic offer focused on its four Schools and nine degrees, the training offered by Universidad del Pacífico favors the commitment to excellence, innovation and the students' experience, and strengthens its students' vision to perform in the work environment.​


Master's Degrees

Universidad del Pacífico Graduate School has a prestige dating back thirty-eight years, training leading professionals in their fields of specialization.

Graduate Diplomas, Programs and Courses

Graduate Diplomas, Programs and Courses

Universidad del Pacífico contributes to the integral and specialized training of executives at all leadership levels, by means of specialization programs, courses and seminars whose objective is to help them achieve their strategic training objectives in the short term.​

Functional training areas:​

• Human Talent
• Law
Language Center

Language Center

If you wish to reach high goals, you should be able to communicate in more than one language. For this reason, the Language Center at Universidad del Pacífico offers you a wide range of high-level programs and courses:
  • ​​School of Business Sciences
  • School of Economics and Finance​
  • School of Engineering​​
  • School of Law

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