Scholarships and Funding

Which scholarships or funding options are there, supposing I could not afford the lowest fee scale?

Universidad del Pacífico, in partnership with various institutions, offers several scholarship and funding alternatives for applicants of high academic performance who wish to study in our University. Their conditions are detailed below:​


  • BECA 18 National Program - PRONABEC
    The State, through the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (PRONABEC), and with the support of Universidad del Pacífico, provides scholarships to young people of limited resources who have finished their secondary studies in a State-run or private school.

    Full scholarship covering the University's tuition fees as well as a monthly stipend for the scholar. For further information on the benefits and coverage of this scholarship, please check PRONABEC's website:

    Application Requirements
    PRONABEC carries out the applicant selection. The main requirements are listed below:
    • Being Peruvian​
    • Attaining a minimum average grade of 15.00 in the last three years of secondary school.
    • Having finished secondary school in 2014, 2015 or 2016.
    • Having studied all secondary education in a state-run or private educational institution.
    • Passing the examination for Beca 18 organized by the University Consortium and submitting the result certificate to PRONABEC.
    • Registering and uploading all requested documentation on the institutional website (
    • To be living in poverty or extreme poverty according to the official report of the Household Targeting System (SISFOH).
    Eligible degrees:
    The eligible degrees covered by this scholarship are:
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Business Engineering
    • Information Engineering
    • International Business
    Further information:
    For further information on the next call, please write to or phone (01) 612 8230 or the toll-free number 0800 00018.

    *The contents of this section correspond to the information supplied by PRONABEC through its website (December 2015). PRONABEC may change and/or update the requirements, conditions and benefits at any moment. For further information, please visit the website:​​

  • Regional Government of Callao Scholarship
    The Regional Government of Callao awards scholarships to school students from that region who finish secondary education in the first place at their state-run school.​

    • Coverage of 100% of academic fees​
    • Coverage of 100% of enrolment fees
    • Coverage of the University Student Card
    • Personalized tutoring
    • A bonus for materials and transport
    Application Requirements
    The Regional Government of Callao calls and selects applicants. For further information on this scholarship, please go to​

    Eligible degrees:
    This scholarship covers studies in any of the degree courses offered by Universidad del Pacífico.
  • Ankay Scholarship
    Asociación Ankay awards scholarships to talented young people of scarce financial resources who are finishing their secondary studies in state-run schools in Peru.

    • Coverage of 100% of the academic fees until completing 100 academic credits enrolled.
    • 100% coverage of enrolment fees until completing 100 academic credits enrolled.
    • From the 101st academic credit, the student becomes part of the FONDO UP SOLIDARIO (UP Support Fund) Funding Program, which funds all tuition fees until the degree course is completed.
    Application Requirements
    Calling and selection of scholars is made by Asociación Ankay. For further information, go on

    Eligible degrees​:
    The scholarship covers studies in the degrees selected by Asociación Ankay. For further information, go on Ankay's website​ (

    Further information:
  • Patronato BCP Scholarship
    Patronato BCP awards full scholarships for school students with a high academic potential, leadership skills and low financial resources.


    • ​Coverage of the entrance examination cost
    • Coverage of 100% of academic fees
    • Coverage of 100% of enrolment feesa.
    • Personalized tutoring
    • Accident insurance​
    • Laptop.
    • Bonus for books and materials
    • Bonus for foodstuffs
    • Bonus for transport
    • Bonus for accommodation (*)
    • Bonus for studying English at the Universidad del Pacífico Language Center (**)
    • Bonus for obtaining the Bachelor's Degree and Licenciate Title (***)
    *    For scholars from inside Peru
    **  As required to certify language knowledge
    *** Can only be used if all proceedings are done within six months after finishing the degree course.

    Application Requirements:
    Calling and selection of scholars is made by Patronato BCP. For further information, visit Patronato BCP's website.

    Eligible degrees:
    The scholarship covers studies in the degrees selected by Patronato BCP. For further information, go on Patronato BCP's website.

    Further information:
    Should you have any doubts or inquiries, you can contact Patronato BCP directly on the email address:​


  • CREDITO 18

    The State of Peru, through PRONABEC, offers the educational credit program aimed at high-performing students who face financial difficulties to begin or end their studies.

    Minimum Application Requirements​:
    • Being Peruvian and aged up to 24
    • Being a graduate of regular or alternative basic education (does not apply for second degrees).
    • Certifying high academic performance from 3rd to 5th years of secondary school (average grade above 15).
    • The interested party (if over 18) or their parents or tutors should certify that they do not appear on the records of indebtedness in the financial system, or imprisonment, judicial or police records.
    • Not enough financial resources to cover their studies at the lowest fee scale.​.
    • Considering that Crédito 18 has a top funding amount which does not cover the total cost of the degree course, the student should be able to bear, at least, the coverage of 50% of the total monthly amount.
    • Students benefiting from Beca 18 may not access this program.​
    Application procedure:
    • Apply to Universidad del Pacífico through any route and become "Selected".
    • Undergo the socio-economic family evaluation process and certify the insufficient resources to cover their studies at the lowest fee scale.
    • Request at the Fees Division the suitable form to apply to Crédito 18, submitting all the required documentation.
    • Undergo the psychological test from the Student Development and Well-being.
    • Based on the information included in the interested party's file, Universidad del Pacífico will evaluate, through the Fees Division, those students it will introduce to PRONABEC.​
    Benefits for students awarded with Crédito 18:
    • Funding of up to 50% for every term (*)
    • Student's monthly payment:
    • First instalment: around S/ 1,050
    • Second to fifth instalments: around S/ 900
    • Crédito 18 funds monthly:
    • First instalment: around S/ 1,050
    • Second to fifth instalments: around S/ 900
    • Interest rate: 3.18% TEA (Effective interest rate)
    • Period for payment: up to ten years after graduating from University (with a six-month period of grace).​

    Credit conditions:
    • Credit covers up to 5 years of studies.
    • Credit does not apply for the degree in Law.
    • The student needs to remain in the upper third.
    • In the event of failing or withdrawing from any subjects, the student will bear the cost (Crédito 18 does not fund failed subjects).
    (*) Calculated on the basis of an 18-credit enrolment per term, including the enrolment fee in the first instalment, considering Scale 4. Referential information.​