The career of Marketing at Universidad del Pacífico is innovative and looks to the future with new resources and tools.

  • Colomba De La Piedra

    Colomba De La Piedra

    Graduated from Pacifico and Digital Advertising Manager at Scotiabank

    "Universidad del Pacífico taught me to be innovative and flexible, which allowed me to be able to recognize opportunities. In addition, it taught me to be very strategic, because not all media are for all brands; not all waves of novelties are going to make a good match with who you are or represent. It is necessary to be strategic to recognize an innovation and capitalize on it according to your objectives".

  • Azucena Gutiérrez

    Azucena Gutiérrez

    Graduated from Pacifico and Founder of Disfruta y Rita

    "The marketers of Universidad de la Pacífico generate results for the organization: we not only design the company's strategy but also make sure that it brings economic results for the organization where we are. We need to be creative and innovative; If you are a dynamic person, you have empathy to reach other people, you are excited to reach other people, you are excited to develop a new product, this is really your career."

  • Kurt Uzategui

    Kurt Uzategui

    Graduated from Universidad del Pacifico and Commercial Manager at Union Andina de Cementos UNACEM

    "The opportunity to study Marketing in Pacifico allows you to have a more specialized field of action and start being a marketer early on. By practicing as soon as possible, you will be able to discover what you like most about your career and apply it to your professional life."

  • Maricruz Gonzales

    Maricruz Gonzales

    Graduated from Pacifico and Marketing & Trade Manager of Alicorp Group - Brazil

    "Universidad del Pacífico molded my criteria and broadened my business vision. As a marketer I must see the organization as a whole and always seek, from my role, to add value for the company and meet its objectives. In addition, I must identify new market trends, be innovative and creative in the development of new products in order to satisfy the needs of more consumers."

  • Daniella Guzman-Barron

    Daniella Guzman-Barron

    Graduated from Pacifico and Commercial Marketing Specialist from RB

    "Unlike other universities, Marketing in Pacífico not only focuses on developing the ingenuity and creativity side of the career, but also anticipates the demands of the labor market, forging in us a deeper critical analysis. It manages to train professionals in marketing with a strategic and comprehensive vision to be able to make decisions on a day-to-day basis."