The career of Marketing at Universidad del Pacífico is innovative and looks to the future with new resources and tools.

  • Colomba De La Piedra

    Associate Director of Digital Channels Yanbal International 

    "I came from Chiclayo and I loved the concept of Universidad del Pacífico. Being at the university allowed me, without neglecting the academic aspect, to do many different associated things that defined my interests".​

  • Alfredo Torres

    CEO of Ipsos APOYO

    ​"At Universidad del Pacífico I learned that the truth is far more complex than you think. There are several layers that we must remove before we get to the core of things, as if it were an onion".​

  • Azucena Gutiérrez

    Founder of Disfruta

    "Disfruta was born as a university project. My brothers and I opened the first store and today, after 4 years, we have 150 collaborators and have opened new premises in Lima and in other cities in Peru. I think Disfruta is a strong proof that every project can become a reality".​