​​​​​​​The modern world and globalization have brought along new and interesting ways of doing and understanding marketing. Universidad del Pacífico connects students with good practices in international marketing, as part of its strategy to train professionals with a global and strategic outlook to perform their work.

Exchange programs

Thanks to the agreements signed by Universidad del Pacífico with over one hundred universities worldwide, every year a significant number of students in this degree travel to the best universities in Asia, the Americas and Europe, where they study in academic exchange programs.

International Agreements

Universidad del Pacífico is part of valuable international contact networks which favor the development of the entire university community.

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Colomba De La Piedra

Associate Director of Digital Channels Yanbal International 

"I came from Chiclayo and I loved the concept of Universidad del Pacífico. Being at the university allowed me, without neglecting the academic aspect, to do many different associated things that defined my interests".​