Graduate Profile

What do Marketing graduates from Universidad del Pacífico do?

Marketing professionals from Universidad del Pacífico identify market trends through in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior and needs. They use quantitative indicators and qualitative findings to support the marketing strategies they design and to measure their effectiveness and profitability. In addition, they are responsible marketing leaders, committed to creating value through innovation in relevant products and services which generate well-being for consumers and profitability for companies. They distinguish themselves for being:

  • Creative and efficient brand managers in a highly competitive environment.
  • Professionals focused on the innovation of products which provide society with added value.
  • Experts in the identification of consumer trends and needs based on their knowledge of the market.
  • Professionals who take strategic marketing and commercial management decisions based on quantitative and qualitative information.​
  • Specialists in communication, advertising and digital marketing as strategic resources. ​


Where do Marketing professionals work?

Marketing graduates from Universidad del Pacífico occupy strategic positions in a wide range of alternatives within the labor market. They can work in brand management in consumer product or service companies in any field, in advertising and media agencies, in consulting or market research companies, in retail, digital marketing, e-commerce companies or in their own entrepreneurship projects. In addition, the profile of a Marketing professional from the University adapts to the needs of an increasingly competitive, globalized and technological market.