International Seminar: The ethical problem of corruption

Fecha 11/9/2017

Hora 7:30 am

Lugar Auditorio I-103, Universidad del Pacífico

Informes eventos@up.edu.pe

Organizado por Departamento Académico de Humanidades

​​Corruption is a plague that profoundly affects our economies, the foundation of our political systems and the cohesion of our societies. It also acutely undermines our hopes and faith in humanity. Yet, combatting corruption requires more then mere condemnation. It asks of us to understand the existential roots of our “impulse to corrupt“, the ethical distortion it aims to achieve, but also more surprisingly and when applied with parsimony and measure, its potential for development. As corruption is as old as human social history, looking at some selected biblical narratives and laws, together with their Rabbinic/Jewish commentaries – unafraid to face the grim realities of our human nature not to condemn it but to work around it and to control it - can be powerful springboard for a contemporary reflexions on such a complex and urgent topic. This seminar, making use of biblical and rabbinic texts will provide an opportunity to debate many of the ethical questions intrinsically linked to the contemporary problem of corruption and possibly help us to pave the way for a responsible response to its many abuses.

No contrará con traducción simultánea. Se dictará en inglés.

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