​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Management professionals of Universidad del Pacífico are leaders who take risks in business and have created innovative companies, with a strong social component, within and outside the country.

  • Vania Masías

    Management graduate​​​​

    “I was trained to be a manager and a dancer. I wouldn't have succeeded in a self-sustaining social program if I didn't have the tools and the vision this university gave me. Universidad del Pacífico is on a par with any other university in the world. What I learned here is that everything is possible, there are no limits.".​​

  • Nicolás Aramburú

    Operations and Talent Director at Mambo

    "Universidad del Pacífico gave me a deep insight into business along with a sound conceptual basis for structuring my work."​

  • Adrián Frayssinet

    Director of the IntegrarPerú NGO

    "Today I work in a company where I apply a lot of what I learned at Universidad del Pacífico. I direct the IntegrarPerú ONG, which aims to socially reintegrate people with disabilities. My life is in full swing again and I owe much of it to Universidad del Pacífico."​