​​​​​​​What is the structure   of the   Management   degree?

The curriculum of the Management degree is multidisciplinary, holistic and integral, and aims for the development of the students' professional life. The curriculum consists of courses in all areas of business management, complemented by Economics, Accounting, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law courses.

What degrees and titles are given?

  • Bachelor's Degree in Management​​ ​​
  • Licentiate Title in Management

Degree  StructureDownload ​HERE​. ​

Curriculum valid from 2017-I semester, subject to changes from the University Council. The general, specific and transitory regulations for the 2017 curriculum will be published on the SAR website later. The features which will apply to students under other curricula will be available for consultation there.

  • Semester 0

    • Informatics Refresher 
    • Language Refresher
    • Mathematics Refresher​
  • Semester I

    • Fundamentals of Business Studies
    • Psychology 
    • Sociology
    • Mathematics I
    • Language I​
  • Semester II

    • Fundamentals of Accounting​
    • Business Mathematics​
    • Consumer Analysis 
    • Language II 
    • General Economics-I

  • Semester III

    • Business Statistics 
    • Civil and Commercial Law​
    • Fundamentals of Marketing
    • Intermediate Accounting
    • General Economics-II
    • Academic Research
  • Semester IV

    • Management I
    • Labor and Tax Law
    • Economic and Business History​
    • Multivariate Analysis for Business
    • Philosophy​
  • Semester V

    • Cost Accounting
    • ​Human Behavior in Organizations
    • Market Research
    • Quantitative Analysis for Business
    • Fundamentals of Finance
    • Business Informatics I​
  • Semester VI

    • Management II
    • Management Accounting
    • ​Strategic Marketing
    • Operations Management
    • Corporate Finance I
    • Business Informatics II​

  • Semester VII
    • Financial Business Assessment 
    • Human Resources Management
    • Theology of Religions​
    • Supply Chain Management 
    • International Trade Management
    • Political Sciences​
  • Semester VIII
    • ​​Strategic Direction
    • Strategic Management of Social Responsibility
    • International Business Management
    • Social Outreach
    • Contemporary Social Thinking​
  • Semester IX
    • Research Applied to Business
    • Ethics​
  • Semester X

    • Business Project 

    This curriculum only comprises the required courses of the Management degree program. It does not include elective or concentration courses made available to students. 
    *Curriculum will be effective from 2017-I, subject to changes by the University Governing Board.