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​​​​​​​What do   Law   graduates from  Universidad del Pacífico   do?

Graduates from the Law School at Universidad del Pacífico occupy strategic positions in public and private institutions, in important law firms and NGOs. Thanks to the emphasis placed on the human component, they have a higher capacity for reflection when taking decisions.

  • ​Their development is integral, founded in solid values with a strong social component, which ensures that they responsibly undertake key positions in the market.​​
  • They advise their clients, understanding their needs from a business point of view, understanding the economic context and managing their functions the way the best managers do.
  • They possess valuable legal and business knowledge which enables them to be more versatile and to assume leading roles at a global level.

Where do Law degree holders work?

Law degree holders work and are partners in prestigious law firms. They can also work in various sectors and fields:

  • In private and public sector institutions: legal management, law firms, banks and financial institutions.
  •  In NGOs and international organizations (ILO, WB​​G, CAN, OAS, IDB, among others), International Arbitration Centers or in their own law firms.


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Isamu Itosu

Ciudadanos al día and UP Research Center

​"The reason why I chose Universidad del Pacífico was the legal knowledge along with the technical expertise in Accounting, Management and Economics that together created an unconventional profile of a lawyer".​