​​​​​​​Why study the Degree in  Law?

Not only do today's lawyers participate in disputes, but they also negotiate agreements, solve taxation issues, manage accounting information, address problems from regulatory bodies and perform arbitration. The increasingly dynamic market demands professionals who master the fields related to this sharp growth.

Why choose  Universidad del Pacífico   to study  Law?

The Degree in Law provides multidisciplinary and integral training, and students develop a comprehensive view of their profession. The strong emphasis on business learning transforms them into innovative lawyers with a higher capacity for analysis and reflection. They:​

  • Have solid and integral training in law.
  • Analyze legal issues from an ethical and interdisciplinary viewpoint, with a strong economic and business component.
  • Focus on human development through the arts, culture and the social sciences.
  • Receive personalized teaching from faculty staff including professionals with outstanding experience in the different branches of law and research​.



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Isamu Itosu

Ciudadanos al día and UP Research Center

​"The reason why I chose Universidad del Pacífico was the legal knowledge along with the technical expertise in Accounting, Management and Economics that together created an unconventional profile of a lawyer".​