​​​​​​​​What is the structure  of the   Law   degree?

Law at Universidad del Pacífico  has implemented a curriculum considering the students' integral training and addressing the demands the labor market places on the profession. Students learn to integrate in a responsible manner all their body of knowledge, enriching the environment in which they work.

What degrees and titles are given?

  • ​Bachelor's Degree in Law
  • Lawyer Title

Degree StructureDownload ​HERE.​ ​

Curriculum valid from 2017-I semester, subject to changes from the University Council. The general, specific and transitory regulations for the 2017 curriculum will be published on the SAR website later. The features which will apply to students under other curricula will be available for consultation there.

  • Semester 0
    • Informatics Refresher 
    • Language Refresher
    • Mathematics Refresher
  • Semester I
    • Language I
    • Mathematics I
    • Sociology
    • Fundamentals of Business Sciences
    • Introduction to Law ​
  • Semester II

    • Academic Research
    • General Economics I
    • Language II
    • General Constitutional Law
    • Civil Law People​
  • Semester III
    • General Economics II
    • Management I
    • Legal Act
    • Procedural Law I
    • Real Rights​
  • Semester IV
    • Philosophy
    • Business and Economic History
    • Constitutional Litigation
    • Legal Skills I
    • Civil Law Obligations​
  • Semester V
    • Political Sciences
    • Fundamentals of Accounting
    • Contracts
    • General Criminal Law
    • Procedural Law II​
  • Semester VI
    • Special Contracts
    • Administrative Law I
    • Criminal Litigation
    • Extra-contractual Liability 
    • Partnerships

  • Semester VII
    • Intermediate Accounting
    • Administrative Law II
    • Public International Law
    • Labor Law I
    • Professional Responsibility of Lawyers​
  • Semester VIII
    • Contemporary Social Thinking
    • Fundamentals of Finance
    • Economic Analysis of Law
    • Family and Inheritance Law
    • Tax Law​
  • Semester IX
    • Theology of Religions
    • Arbitration
    • Private Internatinal Law
    • Labor Law II
    • Tax Law II
    • Economics Applied to Law​
  • Semester X
    • Environmental Law
    • Legal Skills II
    • Guarantees and Corporate Finance
    • Regulation and Free Competition ​
  • Semester XI

    • Ethics
    • Banking Regulation and Capital Market
    • Thesis Seminar​
  • Semester XII
    • Social Outreach
    • International Trade Law​

    This curriculum only comprises the required courses of the Law degree program. It does not include elective courses made available to students. 
    *Curriculum will be effective from 2017-I, subject to changes by the University Governing Board. ​



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Isamu Itosu

Ciudadanos al día and UP Research Center

​"The reason why I chose Universidad del Pacífico was the legal knowledge along with the technical expertise in Accounting, Management and Economics that together created an unconventional profile of a lawyer".​