Graduate Profile

What do Global Managers graduated from Universidad del Pacífico do?

They are international entrepreneurs who identify, assess, develop and put into practice business ideas in international markets. In addition, they strategically manage the opening of new markets and the company's positioning in the international context.

They are experts in international trade negotiations, international network management, and understand and respect the cultural diversity of international markets.

Where do Global Managers graduated from Universidad del Pacífico work?

  • In export, import and multinational companies.
  • In governmental organizations, responsible for export promotion, direct foreign investment, as well as trade offices abroad.
  • In institutions and national and international boards such as Chambers of Commerce.
  • In service companies, such as Customs Agencies, warehouses, international transport companies, consulting companies, etc.
  • In international profit or non-profit organizations responsible for creating, managing and executing projects related to business internationalization. These projects are proposed to international cooperation institutions and fair trade store chains, among others.​