​​​​​​​Why is the International Business career for you?

The global manager of Pacifico understands the challenges that this represents and comprehends that exports and imports are only a small part of the development possibilities that exist in a global environment. For this reason, he is a strategist who identifies and manages business opportunities in increasingly competitive contexts worldwide, being an agent of change that creates value for companies and, through them, for society.

It is the best option for you if:

  • You are creative, you like to plan and you adapt well to changing environments
  • You are curious about research and business generation in international contexts
  • You have negotiation skills
  • You are interested in the internationalization of companies
  • You are interested in understanding cultural diversity and its impact on business

Four reasons to choose Pacifico to study the International Business career

In the career we provide a solid, multidisciplinary academic training in accordance with international standards, which is complemented through intercultural experiences in the international market so that you strategically lead the internationalization of companies, identify entrepreneurship opportunities and develop business in global environments.

  • PARTICIPATION IN THE BUSINESS INTEGRATION AND VISITS PROGRAM (PIVE): The PIVE allows students to know in situ the potential and reality of the company, as well as its best practices and market conditions in different countries. In addition, it generates contact networks with business leaders in Peru and in the main cities abroad.
  • WE ARE PART OF THE MAIN KNOWLEDGE GENERATION NETWORKS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Our career is a member of the Academy of International Business (AIB) - USA, the European International Business Academy (EIBA) - Europe and the Scientific Association of Economics and Management of the Company (ACEDE) - Spain.
  • CAREER ACCREDITED BY THE ASSOCIATION TO ADVANCE COLLEGIATE SCHOOLS OF BUSINESS (AACSB): This certification guarantees the quality of our academic processes. About 6% of the world's leading universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia universities, currently belong to it.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BASED ON THREE KEY CONCEPTS: Management of resources and capacities, understanding of cultural diversity and strategic vision for business internationalization.
  • PARTICIPATION IN THE GLOBAL MANAGER ASSISTANT: In this program, students share experiences and interact with managers, businessmen and senior government officials at global business meeting points, such as in the main world fairs.



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Ian Fry

Ian Fry

Director de Gamnic Inversiones y UNE Fusiones y Adquisiciones 

"Professors and students at UP seek to do things right, in favor of the development of Peru. They are people used to making an extra effort and doing well".