Get to know the study plan of the International Business career

Our study plan has been designed so that students understand and face the different challenges for internationalization of the company, develop business opportunities and master the different tools that a global manager requires.

Degrees and titles that you will obtain

  • Bachelor of International Business
  • Licentiate of International Business

Courses of your careerDownload HERE​. ​

  • Only the compulsory courses of the International Business career are listed in this study plan. The elective courses that the student can take are not considered.
  • Subject to changes by the Board of Directors of the University.

  • Cycle 0
    • Leveling in Mathematics
    • Leveling in Language
    • Leveling in Computer Science​

  • Cycle I
    • Mathematics I
    • Fundamentals of Business Sciences
    • Language I​
    • Sociology

  • Cycle II
    • Mathematics for Business
    • General Economy I
    • Accounting Fundamentals
    • Language II​
  • Cycle III
    • Statistics I
    • General Economy II
    • Philosophy​
    • Intermediate Accounting
    • Academic Research​
  • Cycle IV
    • Economic Fundamentals and Organizational for Business
    • Multivariate Analysis for Business
    • Management I
    • Accounting for Decision Making​
    • Informatics for Business I
    • Fundamentals of Marketing

  • Cycle V
    • International Trade Theory and Integration Processes
    • Quantitative Analysis for Business
    • Informatics for Business II
    • Economic and Business History
    • Finance Fundamentals

  • Cycle VI
    • International Corporate Finance
    • Sustainable Management of the Exportable Offer
    • International Trade Administration
    • Operative Administration
    • Political Science​
  • Cycle VII
    • International Affairs
    • International Logistics
    • International Business Management
    • Law for International Business​
    • Financial Evolution of Companies
    • Theology of Religions

  • Cycle VIII
    • Cross Cultural & International Management
    • Global Markets Management 
    • International Trade Negotiations
    • Strategic Direction
    • Strategic Management of the Social Resp.
    • Contemporary Social Thought

  • Cycle IX
    • Applied Research in International Business
    • Internationalization Strategies
    • International Human Resources Management
    • Social projection​

  • Cycle X
    • ​International Business Plan
    • Ethics

    This curriculum only comprises the required courses of the International Business degree program. It does not include elective courses made available to students. 
    *Curriculum will be effective from 2017-I, subject to changes by the University Governing Board. ​



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