• Georgette Montalván

    Georgette Montalván

    Finance and Administration Corporate Manager at Química Suizaa

    "Universidad del Pacífico provides you with very good academic preparation both at national and international levels. When you go out into the real world you understand what is happening and realize that everything has an impact in the market in which you are; even more so now that the world is becoming more globalized".​

  • Alberto Rivero

    Alberto Rivero

    Director of Deutsche Bank and graduate from Universidad del Pacífico

    "Universidad del Pacífico maintains its academic excellence along with timeless values such as discipline, spirit, effort, perseverance, empathy. I feel that those values combined with a solid formation helped me to develop my career."​

  • Paola Medina

    Paola Medina

    Director of Mergers & Acquisitions / Integration at Grupo Gloria and graduate from UP
    "I chose Universidad del Pacífico and I never thought about applying to another university. I had to study, practice and get good grades. I think that what makes you succeed and get the people to respect and listen to you regardless of your nationality, is to have an open mind to listen to other points of view as well as passion for what you do".
  • Francis Stenning

    Francis Stenning

    General Manager of Lima Stock Exchange

    "The attitude toward work changes if you believe in what you do. Thus, if you devote to doing something you really like, then you stop working".​

  • Luis Bas

    Luis Bas

    Gerente de Proyecto Finanzas Corporativas de Scotiabank​

    "A real leader takes advantage of every minute. That's how Universidad del Pacífico trains you for the real work world".​