​​​​​​​​What is the structure of the Finance degree?

The Finance degree at Universidad del Pacífico has implemented a multidisciplinary curriculum, integrating financial and economic theory to the knowledge of other disciplines. This enables students to have a wider view of reality and their functions as financiers.

The degree structure includes subjects taught in English and is aligned in accordance with the  CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)  international certification​.

What degrees and titles are given?

  • Bachelor's Degree in Finance
  • Licentiate Title in Finance

Degree  StructureDownload HERE. ​

Curriculum valid from 2017-I semester, subject to changes from the University Council. The general, specific and transitory regulations for the 2017 curriculum will be published on the SAR website later. The features which will apply to students under other curricula will be available for consultation there.

  • Cycle 0
    • Leveling in Mathematics
    • Leveling in Language
    • Leveling in Computer Science​

  • Cycle I
    • General Economy I
    • Mathematics I​
    • Fundamentals of Business Sciences
    • Language I
  • Cycle II
    • General Economics II
    • Mathematics II
    • Accounting Fundamentals
    • Language II
    • Sociology​
  • Cycle III

    • Financial systems
    • Macroeconomics I​
    • Mathematics III
    • Statistics I
    • Academic Research​
  • Cycle IV
    • Financial Macroeconomics
    • Financial Analysis
    • Financial Microeconomics 
    • Statistics II
    • Economic and Business History

  • Cycle V
    • Corporate Finance I
    • Natural Resources Management
    • Applied Statistics 
    • Management I
    • Philosophy

  • Cycle VI
    • Fixed rent
    • Variable Income
    • Derivative Instruments
    • Econometrics I
    • Political Science​
  • Cycle VII
    • Quantitative Finance
    • Corporate Finance II
    • Company Law
    • Contemporary Social Thought​
  • Cycle VIII
    • Risk Analysis and Management
    • Credit Risk
    • Financial Negotiation
    • Theology of Religions
  • Cycle IX
    • International Certifications
    • Ethics
    • Social projection​
  • Cycle X
    • Financial Investigation

    This curriculum only comprises the required courses of the Finance degree program. It does not include elective or concentration courses made available to students. 
    *Curriculum will be effective from 2017-I, subject to changes by the University Governing Board. ​


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Georgette Montalván

Georgette Montalván

Finance and Administration Corporate Manager at Química Suizaa

"Universidad del Pacífico provides you with very good academic preparation both at national and international levels. When you go out into the real world you understand what is happening and realize that everything has an impact in the market in which you are; even more so now that the world is becoming more globalized".​