• Renzo Rossinni

    ​Economics graduate, General Manager of the Central Reserve Bank and professor at Universidad del Pacífico.

    "I feel I earn a lot teaching as it makes me do and explain things very clearly, even more clearly than it is generally thought they are. That helps me organize myself as well. The University students are very inquisitive, not passive at all. They will never believe what the professor says unless they get good arguments".​
  • María Antonieta Alva

    ​Graduate from Universidad del Pacífico, Head of Planning and Budget at Mineduu​

    "When I was a child I accompanied my father to several trips within the country. There I could see the situation of extreme poverty that exists in many provinces. From that moment my desire was to change this situation."​
  • Julio Velarde

    Graduate from Universidad del Pacífico and President of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru

    "UP not only provided me with the technical tools, but it also helped me develop economic intuition, a key element in the design of the economic policy. I believe in the kind of education that encompasses both the technical and humanistic aspects that make the student a better economist".​