​​​​​​Universidad del Pacífico prepares future economists to perform successfully in national and international markets, and to work anywhere in the world without any problems.

Exchange programs

Universidad del Pacífico has exchange programs with over one hundred universities. Get to know them here!

Double Degree

The double degree undergraduate courses done with the University of London, such as Economics, offer the possibility of studying -in English and without leaving Lima- several academic programs which will take the students' training to a level of excellence.

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International Agreements

Universidad del Pacífico is part of valuable international contact networks which favor the academic and professional development of the entire university community. . To find out more on these networks, enter here


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Renzo Rossinni

​Economics graduate, General Manager of the Central Reserve Bank and professor at Universidad del Pacífico.

"I feel I earn a lot teaching as it makes me do and explain things very clearly, even more clearly than it is generally thought they are. That helps me organize myself as well. The University students are very inquisitive, not passive at all. They will never believe what the professor says unless they get good arguments".​