​​​​​​Why study Economics?

Economics is a multidisciplinary degree and it trains professionals who play leading roles in the strengthening of the public and private sectors. 

Economics degree holders from Universidad del Pacífico are analytical, have abstraction abilities, an interest for research and a wide-ranging vision  of the different country and global development issues.


Why choose Universidad del Pacífico to study Economics?

  • Universidad del Pacífico is an institution with over 50 years of prestige in the training of professionals at the highest standard.
  • Many of its professors have occupied high positions in the public and private sectors; in addition, they hold Master's and Doctorate degrees from the world's best universities.
  • Universidad del Pacífico leads the build-up of the network of the most renowned researchers in the country, who are recognized through the Premios Poder (Power Prizes).
  • The Research Center at Universidad del Pacífico has the highest production rate of original publications in the country.
  • Students have the opportunity of attending conferences and speeches with highly prestigious speakers, such as Nobel Prize laureates and economics professors from the world's leading universities, among other personalities​.
  • In addition, Universidad del Pacífico houses important events such as LACEA, GDN, Economists' Encounter and Conference of the Peruvian Economics Association, among others.
  • Economics students are prepared to undertake challenges at a global level due to their thorough and demanding academic training.
  • Students have the opportunity to obtain a Master's Degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico by studying an additional year.
  • It has the largest graduate network, whose members are regarded as the best-paid in the country, working in high positions both in the public and private sectors​.



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Renzo Rossinni

​Economics graduate, General Manager of the Central Reserve Bank and professor at Universidad del Pacífico.

"I feel I earn a lot teaching as it makes me do and explain things very clearly, even more clearly than it is generally thought they are. That helps me organize myself as well. The University students are very inquisitive, not passive at all. They will never believe what the professor says unless they get good arguments".​