Graduate Profile

What do Information Engineering graduates from Universidad del Pacífico do?

Information Engineering students at Universidad del Pacífico are familiar with the way the business world works, have business knowledge and use the information available to them with the objective of transforming it into relevant knowledge for organizations.

  • Their training in the use of new technologies makes them true information managers.
  • They have an outstanding ability to innovate and to solve business problems. For that reason, they will set the difference in the country and worldwide.
  • They apply analytics and business intelligence as tools to manage information in the organizations.


Universidad del Pacífico has subscribed alliances with important technology companies to strengthen the students' training.

In 2015, Universidad del Pacífico opened the Innovation Lab, a space that promotes coworking and creative freedom.


Where do Information Engineering degree holders work?

Due to their integral training and professional skills, there is great demand for professionals in Information Engineering in organizations from various national and international sectors. They will have a significant number of international opportunities, where Information Engineering is becoming increasingly important.

  • In private and public sector organizations, they can work as general managers in companies with an intensive use of information, as business intelligence directors, as information technology directors, as information technology managers and freelance consultants.
  • Abroad, NGOs and their own businesses: they are equipped with all the necessary tools to lead technological projects in international markets, and they are prepared to create and manage digital entrepreneurship projects.