​​​​​​​The Degree in Business Engineering was created in 2008, within an international context which sought to join two areas which had not established any continuous dialog as of yet: the technical area, belonging to engineering, and the business area, Universidad del Pacífico's major specialty. Since then, the degree has gone along the global trends emerging in the sector.

Exchange programs

Thanks to the agreements signed by Universidad del Pacífico with over one hundred universities worldwide, every year a significant number of students in this Degree travel to the best universities in Asia, the Americas and Europe, where they study for an entire academic semester.

International Agreements

Universidad del Pacífico is part of valuable international contact networks which favor the academic and professional development of the entire university community.

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Jonathan Rojas

Graduate from Business Engineering and Project Manager at IBM

"My decision to study at Universidad del Pacífico came from my search for a business career that would allow me not only to understand and design processes, but to focus on projects using information technology as a tool. I saw the possibility of studying Business Engineering since it combined both aspects in one educational proposal. All the tools you learn at the University are useful throughout your working life. The university allows you to learn how to learn".​