​​​​​​​CIUP comprises 159 people, including full-time teachers that also work as researchers, affiliated researchers, visitors, assistants, and interns, trained in at least fourteen disciplines.

36% of researchers belong to the Economics and Finance Academic Department, while 28% belong to the Business Administration and Accounting Academic Department and 36% to the academic departments of Humanities, Law, and Engineering.

In addition, an important group of researchers are active participants in board meetings of public and private companies, in commissions and advisory boards of public bodies, and they provide their expertise to various areas of public and private work.


Cynthia Sanborn
Research Vice-President  ​

Arlette Beltrán
Professor and researcher

Alejandro Flores
Head of the Academic Department of Business Management



Zuleyka Ramos
Administrative Coordinator

Richard Manrique
Communications Coordinator

Gabriel Romero
Management Analyst

Ingrid Vega
Management Assistant

Jennifer Alencastre
Administrative Assistant

Samantha Pérez
Administrative Assistant

Lucila Valdiviezo
Administrative Assistant




Marcela Barrios
Natural Resources and the Environment Economics

Daniela Cisneros
Economics, Business and International Relations

Yamile Guibert
Social Policy, Human Development, and Society

César Urquizo
Regulation, infrastructure and competition

María Alejandra Zegarra
Macroeconomics and Economic Policy​