About the Center


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Founded in 1972 with the aim of generating knowledge for economic and social development of the country, the Research Center of Universidad del Pacífico (CIUP) is an organization that brings together teachers from various disciplines that also work as researchers. They apply innovative research methods, perform high-quality multidisciplinary research, and spread research results that address significant challenges for Peruvian society. In addition, the CIUP forms new generations of researchers through their intern and research assistant programs.

After more than four decades of work, the CIUP has produced nearly two thousand books, published by Universidad del Pacífico Publishing Fund and has organized a number of professional and academic events in which the most important issues of national life were discussed. During this time, its scope of action has been expanded to seven areas of study that stand out for their significant contributions to the public administration, the private sector, and international organizations.​

Our Mission

The mission of CIUP is to promote innovative research, which thrives on new generations of talented researchers, to deepen the implementation of the various disciplines of Social Sciences and activate the necessary knowledge of important public issues. CIUP is guided by the belief that social justice and democracy are fundamental values that require an understanding of complex social, economic, and political processes. The creation of multidisciplinary networks, both national and international, and working with partners around the world will allow linking research to practice and strengthening individual and institutional capacities.​