• Esteban Chong

    Accounting graduate and Senior Partner of PriceWaterHouseCoopers (Pwc) in Peru​

    One of the things I learned is that in this world nothing is black or white. It is gray. And very few solutions, except for mathematics, are yes or no. Normally, they are in the middle, and that gray, the fact of considering all things together, I got it from the University. That's what impressed me the most. Universidad del Pacífico made my way of thinking more global".​

  • Gonzalo Begazo

    ​Accounting graduate and Executive Vice President of AJE

    "​UP enabled me to understand what a company is, to watch, to contribute to the strategy and to become a business partner for my board."

  • César Cheng

    Accounting graduate. Senior Partner at Deloitte in Colombia and Chairman at Deloitte Latco​

    "We, accountants, must put our limits and be consistent when life puts us in compromising situations. Accounting techniques may change, but the formation and transmission of values must continue".