​​​​​​​Accounting is dynamic and is changing the way business is done worldwide. Universidad del Pacífico prepares future accountants to be aligned to global standards and to have the tools to guide companies on the way to internationalization.

Exchange programs

Exchange programs enable future accountants to study in an intercultural campus and have the opportunity to study courses in the best universities abroad. The credits earned abroad will eventually be recognized. ​

International Agreements

Universidad del Pacífico is part of valuable international contact networks which favor the academic and professional development of the entire university community.  To find out more on these networks, enter here.​​

Double Degree

The double degree undergraduate courses done with the University of London, such as Accounting, offer the possibility of studying -in English and without leaving Lima- several academic programs which strengthen their professional training and take it to a level of excellence.

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Esteban Chong

Accounting graduate and Senior Partner of PriceWaterHouseCoopers (Pwc) in Peru​

One of the things I learned is that in this world nothing is black or white. It is gray. And very few solutions, except for mathematics, are yes or no. Normally, they are in the middle, and that gray, the fact of considering all things together, I got it from the University. That's what impressed me the most. Universidad del Pacífico made my way of thinking more global".​