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Universidad del Pacífico organized the IEEE Tems Peru

The Engineering and Technology Management Forum was held on Monday, December 12. During the event, the new Technology and Engineering Management Society Peru Chapter committee, which is in charge of professors from Universidad del Pacífico School of Engineering, was presented. ​

Christian Laub: "You have to be disciplined in Finance"

Christian Laub, CEO of Credicorp Capital, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lima Stock Exchange and graduate from Universidad del Pacífico and Harvard University, talked with UP students and shared advice and anecdotes about his professional track record.

Gonzalo Tamayo: "We seek to improve project acceptability conditions"

​​The Minister of Energy and Mines gave a keynote speech as part of the event ‘Rumbo al Bicentenario: Perspectivas y Agenda Pendiente para una Minería Sostenible en el Perú’ ('Towards the Bicentennial: Perspectives and Pending Agenda for Sustainable Mining in Peru'), in which Elsa Galarza, Minister of the Environment, also participated.

UP students participated in the "National University Games 2016" (“Juegos Universitarios Nacionales 2016”)

​​The National University Games - Universiade 2016 were held in the city of Chiclayo between October 16 and November 6.

CADE 2016: Elsa Del Castillo argues that a reform in higher education was necessary

The President of Universidad del Pacífico says that the work MINEDU has been doing is good but that there is still much to improve.


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You are what you decide – Luis Felipe Castellanos| Universidad del Pacífico

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José Luis Bonifaz
Director of the School of Public Management at Universidad del Pacífico, director of the Master program in Regulation of Public Services and Infrastructure Management at Universidad del Pacífico. He graduated as a civil engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and holds a Master of Arts from Georgetown University.​
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Economy for everyone

I decided to write this blog to share my vision that economy is very simple if we express it in easy terms. I'm not going to assume that the person reading knows about the subject. I believe economy does not work in a vacuum, but in a political, social and historical context. That is, it doesn't solve problems by itself: you have to put it in a bigger environment and study it from a multidisciplinary perspective.​

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