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Faculty from 9 countries participated in UP International Week 2018

Undergraduate and graduate students participated in seminars given by 16 national and international speakers at the Universidad del Pacífico campus.

Citylab: UP presents smart water management project in Colombia

As a result of the Management of Sustainable Cities course, this proposal will be presented at the “Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (ABP) para Ciudades Sostenibles" ("Problem Based Learning (PBL) for Sustainable Cities") conference of the Citylab project, which is implemented by Universidad del Pacífico Research Center (CIUP as in the Spanish acronym).

Desafío Inversionista Jr. (Junior Investor Challenge) was successfully held for the eighth consecutive year

Junior Investor Challenge, led by Universidad del Pacífico Accounting Program and the Lima Stock Exchange and in which fourth and fifth year high school students pretended to be stockbrokers with actual information and quotes, brought together participants from 88 schools from 15 regions of Peru.

XIV Ibero-American Meeting of Civil Society will be held at Universidad del Pacífico

The biannual event will be held for the first time in Peru, and will include experts from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, among others.

The 5th edition of the international SIMBig conference was held at Universidad del Pacífico

​40 studies were presented at the 5th edition of the international conference on Information and Big Data Management (SIMBig 2018), which was attended by national and foreign students, professors and professionals.​


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Summit Digital Developers 2018

Date Monday, October 22, 2018

Hour 12:00 AM

Digital Summit Developers Peru seeks to promote the growth and export of digital products and services of SMEs in Peru. Leading representatives of the sector meet to talk about trends, the legal and regulatory framework, opportunities and good practices.

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You are what you decide – Luis Felipe Castellanos| Universidad del Pacífico

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José Luis Bonifaz
Director of the School of Public Management at Universidad del Pacífico, director of the Master program in Regulation of Public Services and Infrastructure Management at Universidad del Pacífico. He graduated as a civil engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and holds a Master of Arts from Georgetown University.​
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Economy for everyone

I decided to write this blog to share my vision that economy is very simple if we express it in easy terms. I'm not going to assume that the person reading knows about the subject. I believe economy does not work in a vacuum, but in a political, social and historical context. That is, it doesn't solve problems by itself: you have to put it in a bigger environment and study it from a multidisciplinary perspective.​

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