​​​​​​Why study the Degree in Accounting?

Because of its strategic focus, coherent with the modern business dynamics. 

Currently it is important to analyze and manage strategically all financial, economic, taxation and cost information for decision-making with an ethical sense and a focus on social responsibility.

It offers integral training which, apart from solid knowledge in accounting, includes courses in Management, Economics, Finance and Law. This multidisciplinary focus enables students to lead teams and reach key positions in the highest levels of organizations.

Why choose Universidad del Pacífico to study Accounting?​

  •  Universidad del Pacífico is an institution with over 50 years of prestige in the training of professionals at the highest standard.
  • The degree course has a strategic focus for Accounting and provides its future professionals with integral training.
  • Universidad del Pacífico has a modern financial laboratory with the Bloomberg and Stock Exchange platforms, among others, for the training of our students.
  •  It has a high percentage of graduates holding important managerial positions in several organizations.es.
  •  It enables students to acquire a double specialty in Management with only an additional year of studies.
  • The degree in Accounting is accredited by AACSB*. Only 5% of universities and business schools worldwide hold this distinction​.​​
  •  Member of ALAFEC (Latin American Association of Accounting and Management Schools and Departments)​.

    • *AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is a highly  demanding  accreditation body which ensures the continuous improvement and strengthening of the higher education offered by its members​.


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Esteban Chong

Accounting graduate and Senior Partner of PriceWaterHouseCoopers (Pwc) in Peru​

One of the things I learned is that in this world nothing is black or white. It is gray. And very few solutions, except for mathematics, are yes or no. Normally, they are in the middle, and that gray, the fact of considering all things together, I got it from the University. That's what impressed me the most. Universidad del Pacífico made my way of thinking more global".​