Regulation, Infraestructure and Competition

What is studied in Regulation, infrastructure and competition?

The knowledge gained through this area is vital to identify the most efficient policies for the regulation of public services, infrastructure development, and the rules for concession. Equally important are its contributions to policies related to the defense of competition. 

Research, consulting, courses, seminars, and conferences organized by this area aim to stimulate discussion and increase knowledge on these issues.

Together with Universidad del Pacífico Graduate School, this area of study coordinates the Master in Regulation of Public Services and Infrastructure Management, whose tools are essential to improve the State administration.​

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Efectos de la infraestructura de transporte en el bienestar de la población: el caso de la carretera Interoceánica (“Effects of transport infrastructure in the welfare of the population: the case of the Interoceanic Highway”)

Researcher (es) : roberto luis urrunaga pasco-font; javier torres gómez

Research area : Regulation, Infrastructure and Competition

This study aims to assess the socio-economic performance of the population living in the path of the Interoceanic Highway. Specifically, it is proposed to assess the income level, employment, working hours and health of households living in districts close to the highway. The working hypothesis is that the Interoceanic highway had a mixed effect among the beneficiated or treated districts. Although the Interoceanic Highway connects twenty-seven districts, a detailed analysis of the social impact that its construction has had on the beneficiary population has not been made. This research aims to be the first contribution to cover this gap. The analysis is part of the assessment literature on the effects of access to public infrastructure. Specifically, the significant reduction in the cost of transportation and alteration of the interconnection between districts.

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Julio Aguirre​

Associated Researcher in the Regulation, Infrastructure and Competition Area at Universidad del Pacífico Research Center and part-time professor in the Academic Department of Economics and the School of Public Administration at Universidad del Pacífico. PhD. in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina), Master of Arts in Economics from Georgetown University (USA) - ILADES (Chile) and Licentiate Title in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico.​

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