Business Management and Social Responsibility

​​​​​​​​What is studied in Business Management and Social Responsibility?

Good corporate governance, environmental management, brand management, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are factors that contribute to the management of a company. This dynamic studies this area.

Its aim is to promote research and dissemination of CSR to integrate it to the institutional mission and strategy of each organization. Research conducted point to the internalization of CSR practices in Peruvian companies and public and private, for-profit or non-profit, institutions.

This work shows a strong and serious image of Universidad del Pacífico to citizens and institutions. Under this coherent and effective look, the University stands as a benchmark in the field and sets its institutional strengths as a model.​

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Dinámica entre estrategias competitivas, recursos y capacidades, y desempeño de empresas exportadoras en Latinoamérica (“Dynamics between competitive strategies, resources, and capabilities, and performance of exporting companies in Latin America”)

Researcher (es) : jorge heredia pérez

Research area : Business Management and Social Responsibility

The implementation of competitive strategies is an important aspect for exporters because, as several authors have shown, strategy failures occur more in the implementation phase than in the formulation, and this is reflected in the performance. These failures show that the strategies need to be supported by resources and capacities to develop a sustainable competitive advantage over time. This research presents an unprecedented theoretical model that explains how interactions between resources / capabilities, competitive strategies, and export performance of companies in emerging economies develop, from a theoretical perspective that integrates the institutional perspective, of the industry, and of resources and capabilities. Thus, managers of exporting companies will recognize the elements that must be considered for a successful implementation of competitive strategies.

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El desempeño empresarial en economías emergentes: el caso del Perú (“Business performance in emerging economies: the case of Peru”)

Researcher (es) : juan alejandro flores castro

Research area : Business Management and Social Responsibility

What is the impact of industry effect, the company effect, and the institutional effect on the performance of companies based in Peru? This research rises from this question, and it seeks to contribute, theoretically, to find new interactions between the three effects (industry, company, and institutions) from new factors that might arise as relevant from the perspective of resources and capabilities. Similarly, the introduction of a new model that complements the existing paradigm opens up new opportunities to evaluate the performance of the company in an emerging country. Also, on a practical level, managers of companies in Peru would have the opportunity to understand the components of each of these three effects and the impacts that they cause on the results of the company.

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