Economics, Business and International Relations

​​​​What is studied in Economics, Business and International Relations?

This area seeks to study the characteristics of the insertion of the economy and Peruvian companies on the global stage. Its aim is to contribute to the design of public policies and identify effective strategies, based on competitiveness and other capabilities that allow the best use of the opportunities at global and regional level. This serves to generate higher exports, especially those with added value, attract investment, and contribute to the sustained growth of the country and its decentralized development.

Among the topics studied by its researchers are the evolution of trade and the global financial system; the renewal of approaches and mechanisms of regional and global integration; methods of international trade negotiations; and the economic effects of trade agreements, as well as Peru’s international relations with strategic partners.

Moreover, this area studies the global business management and strategies of internationalization of companies; the role of infrastructure and logistics in international competitiveness; regional physical integration in a global context; the political economy of the major multilateral and bilateral relations of Peru; macroeconomic soundness as the foundation of international insertion, among other topics.​

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El indebido uso de los reglamentos técnicos con fines proteccionistas (“Misuse of technical regulations for protectionist purposes”)

Researcher (es) : vanessa heller ledgard

Research area : Economics, Business and International Relations

In order to safeguard and defend the country's interests, the States devised legal tools, concretized in the promulgation of standards and technical regulations. But what would happen if they were used as instruments of commercial strategy to attack the competition and end up violating the principles of international trade? The aim of the research is to compare three cases resolved before the World Trade Organization regarding the misuse of technical regulations for protectionist purposes. Specifically, the purpose of technical regulations will be analyzed, taking into account the concepts of free competition and consumer protection. It will also define when the contents of a technical regulation are distorted before its purpose and in what cases it is valid that a country does not apply the international standard for the elaboration of its technical regulation.

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Rosario Santa Gadea Duarte

Director of the Center for Peru-China Studies of Universidad del Pacífico and researcher and coordinator of the Area of Economics, Business and International Relations of the Research Center (CIUP). She holds a PhD and a MA in International Economics from Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (France). She has been a Fellow of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs of the University of Harvard (USA). She also holds a bachellor’s degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico.​

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