Universidad del Pacifico students stand out in their participation in the South American Business Forum 2023
September 04 , 2023

​​Four of our students from Economics, Business Administration and Law were part of this student meeting where solutions to global problems are discussed and sought. ​

Four of our students from Economics, Business Administration and Law were part of this student meeting where solutions to global problems are discussed and sought.

Driven by the desire to promote sustainable development in the region through dialog and interaction between current and future leaders, four students from our university were selected to participate in the South America Business Forum, held in Argentina.

This event brings together outstanding students from all over the world and leaders in diverse areas to discuss issues of global significance, especially relevant to the South American region, such as sustainability, technological innovation, economic development and global governance.

"We decided to participate attracted by the opportunity to be part of a select group of 100 outstanding university students from around the world, along with 40 business, technology, political and academic leaders," explains Brisa Arroyo, a UP Economics student.

In addition to Brisa, other members of the delegation from Universidad del Pacífico were Christopher Melendez from Economics, Carmen Rosa Nepo from Business Administration and Francesca Chocano from Law.

Contributions and learning

The four students showed not only excellent academic performance, but also a deep interest in issues affecting the region and the world in general. In addition, they were able to actively contribute to the discussions in panels, round tables and working groups.

Brisa says that this has been an incomparable experience as it allowed her to connect with other young people from the region who are equally committed to generating a positive impact.

"Realizing that everyone contributes from their history and profession, helped me to understand that it is extremely important to complement efforts to achieve much more significant changes," she said.

Franchesca Chocano, from Law, mentioned that this event was an opportunity to immerse herself in interdisciplinary and global issues, broadening her perspective and analytical skills.

"Discussions with leaders from various areas taught me the importance of collaboration and a holistic understanding of problems. This experience reinforces the idea that law is intrinsically linked to society and the economy, and that addressing challenges will require comprehensive and creative solutions," she commented.

Christopher Meléndez, an Economics student, highlighted the opportunity to be surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds, who shared their perspectives, broadening his vision. For him, this has been an enriching academic and cultural experience. ​

Finally, for Carmen Rosa Nepo from Business Administration, this experience allowed her to broaden her vision of the Latin American region and the world. "I was able to meet current and future leaders from various disciplines, careers and countries who have been developing different impact projects in all kinds of sectors. Now more than ever before, I believe in the importance of collaboration between countries through people in different disciplines in order to bridge the existing social, technological, environmental and economic gaps," he said.

For the students, Universidad del Pacífico has played a key role in their preparation and experience at the South America Business Forum.

"UP supported us financially with part of the tickets, for which we are very grateful. The support of teachers and mentors has also been valuable in our preparation. Their guidance and insights have enriched our understanding of current challenges and provided us with unique perspectives to effectively address them," the students comment.

In addition, they remark that the university's fostering of a global mindset and interdisciplinary vision has been key to their outstanding participation.

"The high quality academic training that our university offers in areas such as business, economics and international relations has endowed us with a solid foundation of knowledge and analytical skills. This has enabled us to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues to be discussed at the forum and to approach them from an informed and critical perspective," they say.​



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