The University

Universidad del Pacífico was founded in 1962, within a context dominated by a continental debate over the model Latin America should follow toward development. The University has since been a key actor in the educational, economic and social growth of the country and the region.​

  • Over 50 Years of History

    The history of Universidad del Pacífico began on February 28th, 1962. At that time, a group of personalities from the business sector, with the support of the Society of Jesus, founded the University as a center for education and research which should trascend the country's borders.

    The first lessons were given in a small building located in Downtown Lima. The first President of the University was Juan Ignacio Herrera. In 1965, Universidad del Pacífico moved to its current premises on Avenida Salaverry, in the district of Jesus Maria, where it has experienced strategic growth.

    The degrees in Management and Economics were established in 1969, and in the early 1970s the Research Center of Universidad del Pacífico (CIUP) was founded. Later, the degree in Accounting was established, and the Publishing Fund and the Graduate School (EPG) were founded.

    By 1993, Universidad del Pacífico had created its Language Center. In the following decades, new schools would be created, such as the School of Law and the School of Engineering (which started by offering the Business Engineering degree), as well as the degrees in Marketing, International Business, Information Engineering and Finance. In 2012, Universidad del Pacífico celebrated its 50th anniversary: half a century providing integral training to its students, promoting and disseminating pure and applied research focused on domestic and global issues.​

  • Vision, mission and values

    By 2025, Universidad del Pacífico will be positioned as an academic community recognized for its leadership in the region, due to its contribution toward sustainable development through its outstanding work educating, producing and disseminating knowledge of a high standard and impact.


    Universidad del Pacífico is an academic community with a vocation for excellence, specialized in degrees and programs related to economics, law and management both in the private and the public sectors.

    It produces entrepreneurial leaders with dedication to service and committed to building a fair society.

    It promotes academic excellence deriving from continuous innovation, scientific research and operational efficiency, by providing its human capital with well-being and development.

    It contributes to sustainable development and the social well-being of Peru in a global, dynamic, complex and increasingly inter-connected world, and promotes the creation of cooperation models and alliances.

    • Freedom of thought and opinion
    • Honesty and veracity
    • Respect for the other​
    • Ethics and social responsibility​


Information about UP
Information about UP

Academic Programs

  • 9 professional degrees
  • 13  master's degrees
  • 48  specialization programs in the Center for Executive Education
  • One Language Center with two sites in Lima


  • 5 Research centers
  • More than 80 researchers
  • Almost 2000 titles published by the Universidad del Pacífico Press​