What are the challenges and opportunities of leadership in Latin America?
August 26 , 2016

​The conference Exploring Leadership in Latin America, organized by Universidad del Pacífico and the International Leadership Association (ILA) addressed leadership in the region from different perspectives.

Throughout Latin American history, various leading figures have emerged who, through their personal traits, have been able to lead their peoples. However, despite the multiple leadership displays in the region, this subject is yet to be fully debated.   

“Leadership is an issue not addressed in our countries, it is mentioned but there are no studies. There are publications but they are very general or inspired by texts from the Anglo-Saxon culture. There is no deep interest in this matter yet. Hence the need to meet and discuss this issue,” declared  Baltazar Caravedo, responsible for the Leadership Area in the Center for Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility (CLERS) of Universidad del Pacífico, during the conference Exploring Leadership in Latin America, held in our university. ​

Participants of the ILA’s themed conference in our university

During the event organized by our university and the International Leadership Association (ILA), researchers, scholars, and entrepreneurs met to debate about Latin American leadership issues as perceived from different angles, such as gender, business, and student groups. 

“In Latin America, people think that a president change equals a leadership change. From that perspective, we can say that there is no better time to carry out an event like this, having elected a new President in Peru,” noted Research Vice president Cynthia Sanborn during her presentation. 


Juana Bordas in an energic presentation about Latino leadership in the United States

Matilde Schwalb, Director of the Center for Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility next to Baltazar Caravedo, responsible for the Leadership Area and María Emilia Correa, co-founder of System B

Cynthia Cherrey, President of ILA, in turn, noted that many of the problems affecting countries nowadays should be addressed from the perspective of leadership. 

“Latin American problems are complex and challenging; the issues' overall status sometimes seems hopeless. Sometimes it is very difficult to think about the future when we are so concerned about the present, but it is still the best time for reflection,” manifested Cherrey during the event. 

The Exploring Leadership in Latin America Conference brought together renowned experts on leadership matters such as María Emilia Correa, co-founder of System B, and Juana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International. 



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