Seven CIUP researchers win CIES 2018 Annual Research Contest
July 25 , 2018
Among the winners stand out professors of the Departments of Finance and Economics Diego Winkelried and Javier Torres, as well as five research assistants from Universidad del Pacífico Research Center.
Three research projects from Universidad del Pacífico members were awarded at the XX Annual CIES 2018 Research Contest. Among the winners are five research assistants from the University Research Center (CIUP) and two professors from the Departments of Finance and Economics. Diego Winkelried, professor and Chair of the Department of Finance, and Javier Torres, professor in the Department of Economics, won in the Medium Project category with the proposal "Does Comprehensive Health Insurance reduce the vulnerability of Peruvian households? Panel analysis from 2004 to 2017". 

On the other hand, Hernán Manrique, Licela Paredes and Fiorella Parra, CIUP research assistants, won in the category of Short Project with the proposal "Oil spills and effects on the health of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon: a binominal exploratory analysis". In the same way, Katherine Gutiérrez and Rocío Medina, research assistant and teaching assistant at CIUP, respectively, won with the proposal "Effects of corruption on subnational governments: on the level of multidimensional poverty: A departmental analysis for the Peruvian case between 2000-2015". 


The CIES Annual Research Contest is the only national social science research contest whose objective is to promote research applied to public policy that allows to obtain results and policy recommendations for the analysis, design, validation and/or reformulation of public policies of the Central Government and the Regional Governments, and of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. Likewise, it allows to enrich the analysis of the social, economic and environmental problems studied in order to facilitate the development of public policies and programs that promote equity and inclusion, with a focus on rights, among others.

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