Universidad del Pacífico and ILA: “Exploring the dilemmas of leadership in Latin America”
June 07 , 2018

​The "Exploring the Dilemmas of Leadership in Latin America" annual conference will be held from August 8 to 10 on the Universidad del Pacífico campus.

The International Leadership Association (ILA), together with Universidad del Pacífico Center for Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility (CLERS as in the Spanish acronym), will hold the "Exploring the dilemmas of leadership in Latin America" leadership conference from August 8 to 10. 

This conference will address leadership issues related to the political, economic, social and ethical challenges faced by the countries and communities in Latin America. 

The topics to be discussed at the conference include the role of leaders to strengthen inclusion in the region, the strategies for betting on innovation, the types of leaders that the Latin American society needs, and the role of international corporations and NGOs, among others. 

The conference will be attended by local and international experts and stakeholders from different sectors of society (business, consulting, education, research, government, healthcare and non-profit), who will share his theory and experiences, ideas, research and best practices with attendees. 

The conference will be held on the Universidad del Pacífico campus (Av. Salaverry 2020, Jesús María) and will serve to exchange ideas and experiences that can lead to a better understanding of the leadership dilemmas in Latin America and the nature of the decisions that lie ahead. 

The organizing committee is composed of Felipe Portocarrero Suárez, Chair of the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Universidad del Pacífico; Carolina Darbisi, Public Service Associate and Assistant Director, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development at the University of Georgia; Jonathan Ryan Kroll, Executive Director, The Leadership Institute for Development, Education and Research; and Art Trejo, Postdoc Research Fellow, Global Business and Information Technology Doctoral Research Center, School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix.

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