The Integrity anti-corruption Observatory is presented
June 01 , 2017

​​The president of Universidad del Pacífico, Elsa Del Castillo, was part of the panel that presided over the presentation of the observatory, which will serve to fight against corruption.

Universidad del Pacífico, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú, Asociación Civil Transparencia y Proética – Transparency International Peruvian Chapter, publicly presented the Integrity Observatory, an initiative that aims to promote, monitor and contribute to the institutionalization of policies and measures in favor of integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption in Peru. 

With this initiative, the four above-mentioned institutions adopt a recommendation from the Presidential Integrity Commission, which called on civil society organizations to develop a tool of this kind to monitor and evaluate the decisions taken in the country to consolidate a democracy without corruption. 

"I think the mix of institutions that are sitting here is correct: there are academic teams that will have to summon other stakeholders, other public servants to remind them that they are serving the country, not themselves," said our president, Elsa del Castillo, who also stressed the importance of convening entrepreneurs so that they integrate their employees into all these prevention and education systems. 

The Observatory will also promote the formation of supervision committees through which citizens engage in the fight against corruption. This task will be encouraged by Transparencia and Proética volunteer networks, in collaboration with local leaders. 

The active participation of Universidad del Pacífico in this initiative responds to our strong commitment to the fight against corruption in Peru, where the ultimate goal is to train professionals to act lawfully and ethically in all the private and public areas where they work. 

Political scientist, expert on issues of corruption and professor at Universidad del Pacífico, Paula Muñoz, is currently conducting collaborative research with Proética on these issues. "I invite you all to participate. We have limited resources but a broad and complex objective that cannot be reached unless society is articulated"concluded Del Castillo.

Actualidad Elsa Del Castillo


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