Emprende UP incubated ventures win Startup Perú seed capital contest
May 30 , 2017

​​Entrepreneurs incubated at Universidad del Pacífico Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center - Emprende UP will receive between 50,000 and 150,000 soles for the take-off of their companies.

​​Seven ventures incubated at Universidad del Pacífico Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center – Emprende UP won the fifth generation of StartUp Perú in the dynamic and innovative ventures categories becoming beneficiaries of seed capital for the consolidation of their companies. Q'uma Chocolates, Mandü and Sicurezza won the dynamic ventures category that finances the commercial takeoff of early age start-ups (up to five years old) with up to 150 thousand soles.  

E-Case Studies, Exploor, Instant Salon and Pay & Go were the beneficiary companies in the innovative ventures category and received 50,000 soles of seed capital for ​the validation of business models based on product innovation processes, services or product commercialization. Don Kofi, though being in the pre-incubation stage, was also benefited with 50 thousand soles in the same category. 

About StartUp Perú 

StartUp Perú is an initiative of the Peruvian government led by the Ministry of Production that aims to promote the emergence and consolidation of new companies offering innovative products and services with high technological content, projection to international markets and involving the generation of quality jobs.

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