2018 Merco Ranking: Five Universidad del Pacífico graduates are in the top ten business leaders
October 11 , 2018
On October 10, the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (Merco) published the results of its 2018 ranking of companies and leaders, based on a sample of more than 20,000 respondents.

​This seventh edition was notable for the presence of five Universidad del Pacífico graduates in the top ten of the 100 most reputable business leaders: Walter Bayly Llona, graduate of Administration and CEO of Credicorp LTD, in 5th place; Eduardo Torres-Llosa, graduate of Economics and CEO of BBVA Continental, in 6th place; Alfredo Pérez Gubbins, graduate of Economics and CEO of Alicorp, in 7th place; Miguel Uccelli, graduate of Administration and Accounting and CEO & country head of Scotia Bank, in 8th place; and Mariela García Figari de Fabbri, graduate of Economics and general manager of Ferreycorp, in 10th place. 

Also of note was that Elsa del Castillo, Universidad del Pacífico rector, emerged as the third highest-positioned woman in the ranking. 

Meanwhile, the Universidad del Pacífico was ranked 31st out of the 100 companies with the best corporate reputation, and 4th in the education sector. 

According to Miguel Solano Morales, general manager of Merco in Peru, corporate reputation represents a company’s most valuable intangible asset, since it is based on the past perceptions and expectations of stakeholders. 

According to the study’s factsheet, 20,764 people were surveyed for the 2018 Merco Companies and Leaders Ranking. This sample was made up of employees (80.1%), university consumers (14.4%), managers (2.7%), benchmarkers (0.2%), digital specialists (0.3%), and experts such as financial analysts, government and NGO representatives, professors, and business journalists (2.3%).

Walter Bayly Egresados UP


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