Economics at Universidad del Pacífico

The degree in Economics at Universidad del Pacífico is one of the most important in Latin America and has been key for Peru's development in the last 50 years. Graduates from this degree have had leading roles in the strengthening of the public and private sectors, from where they promote and implement a series of development initiatives for the country.​



Studying 1 additional year of the career

the students have the opportunity to earn a Master in Economics by the University of the Pacific.

More than 100

international conventions with universities of America, Asia and Europe.

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Renzo Rossinni

​Economics graduate, General Manager of the Central Reserve Bank and professor at Universidad del Pacífico.

"I feel I earn a lot teaching as it makes me do and explain things very clearly, even more clearly than it is generally thought they are. That helps me organize myself as well. The University students are very inquisitive, not passive at all. They will never believe what the professor says unless they get good arguments".​

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Economics - Universidad del Pacífico