Revista de Ciencias Sociales Apuntes 78: sistemas de pensiones en América Latina (Social Sciences Journal. Apuntes 78: pension systems in Latin America)

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The articles in Apuntes 78 analyze the various effects of changes in the contributory and non-contributory pension systems in Peru and Latin America. The aim is to examine, with evidence as well as with simulations and projections, the impact of these systems on pensions and coverage, inequality, poverty, fiscal cost, the labor market and savings, among others. This issue presents a study on the relationship between old age and poverty in Latin America, and case studies based on Argentinian and Peruvian experiences​.
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    Martín Monsalve

    Professor in the Academic Department of Humanities at Universidad del Pacífico. He is also director of the University Press and director of Apuntes, a journal of Social Sciences. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in History (with a major in Latin America) from Stony Brook University (State University of New York).​

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