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Since its creation, at a place on Avenida Nicolás de Piérola, in downtown Lima, Universidad del Pacífico started a discrete series of publications that would get stronger (three decades later) with the creation of its editorial fund in 1992. Then, a sort of machine started working, and ever since it has captured all kinds of research and theoretical contributions, generated by the university, on and off paper.

The impact of the publications of the Publishing Fund is evidence that many of them have become national benchmarks for their specialty.  Increasingly, other educational institutions in the country recommend, use and adopt the books of the Fund because of the prestige of the University and their authors, and especially because of the new and rigorous content.  As a reflection of what happens in the Research Center of Universidad del Pacífico, publications have a solid foundation in studies, consultancies and research done by professors. The University is committed to its professors and invests resources that allow them to research on relevant issues of national life. The Publishing Fund materializes such effort in quality texts.

The editorial line covers various issue areas: administration and marketing, Social Sciences and history, accounting and finance, law, economics and economic policy, ethics and theology, linguistics and literature, quantitative methods and social responsibility. Since 1964, the University has published over seven hundred titles and has made so many reprints and new editions.

Editorial Team

Martín Monsalve Zanatti
Director of the  Universidad del Pacífico Press
Email: monsalve_ma@up.edu.pe

Maria Elena Romero Pinillos
Executive Director of the Universidad del Pacífico Press
Email: romero_me@up.edu.pe

Eunice Ruiz Leveau
Universidad del Pacífico Press​  Assistant
Email: eo.ruizl@up.edu.pe

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