Editorial Policies

  • Book and Journal Copyright
    Authors wishing to publish in the Universidad del Pacífico Publishing Fund should declare in writing that they are owners of the works they submit; and that such works are unedited, original and their own (see document "Sworn Declaration"). Likewise, authors who publish in the Publishing Fund transfer and assign the patrimonial rights of their work to the University for five years. Despite this, the University is not to be held responsible for the comments or statements made in such texts. For further detail, see documents "Publication Requirements" y "Editorial Process​".
    In the case of books, journals, and book and journal articles published under the model of "free download", the following is stated: they are available freely in Universidad del Pacífico's academic repository, without a subscription to be accessed, immediately after its publication.
    Journals.- Journal Apuntes: Revista de Ciencias Sociales, both in English and in Spanish, is available under the "Free download" model under CC BY license.
    Books.- In the same way as Apuntes: Revista de Ciencias Sociales the Documentos de Investigación collection is available under the CC BY license. The other books and collections are at the disposal of our users under the CC-BY-NC license.
  • Peer Review Process

    ​​Academic and original publications considered by the Publishing Fund need to undergo a process of peer review. Thus, according to the Fund's editorial policy, a minimum of two specialists in the matter discussed review the text. The assessors are chosen from their experience in the professional or academic field in which they work. They may be recommended by the Editorial Committee, other specialists or other assessors.

    The peer review process is double-blind; in other words, both the review and the manuscript to be reviewed are anonymous. The reports issued by the peers determine the viability of the publication of each text. For further detail, see documents "Publication Requirements" y "Editorial Process​".

    Please note that only manuscripts no longer than 300 pages or 150,000 words will be sent for peer review. Books that are longer will only be considered for peer review if they are approved by the Editorial Committee of the Universidad del Pacífico Press.​

  • Price of Publications

    The prices are fixed by the Publishing Fund in relation to the publication costs. It is worth stating that University members have a special price. With regard to texts published by "Free Download", their content is available free of charge, no subscription is required. This is done with the aim of encouraging the exchange of knowledge among members of the academic community.​

  • Enquiries

    Enquiries are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Authors and readers may contact us on our email address: fondoeditorial@up.edu.pe

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