Military Espenditure in Peru: 1900-2015 (Gasto militar en el Perú: 1900-2015)

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A primary role of the State is national defense. However, the data show that Peru has spent little and poorly on national security in recent decades. The composition of the military budget has been inefficient. The budget of the Armed Forces has concentrated on current expenditure, to the detriment of the acquisition and maintenance of equipment and staff training. Much of the weaponry is obsolete. Military pensions and salaries are lagging behind in the region. The structure of the Peruvian military expenditure is anachronistic. A radical redefinition of the national defense policy is urgent.
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    William Calderón

    ​Master's degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico. His research and consulting topics are macroeconomics and public economics. He has been part-time Professor in the Department of Economics at Universidad Científica del Sur and at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, and Assistant Professor of the Master in Economics at Universidad del Pacífico. In the private sector, he has devoted to actuarial and Life and Non-life insurance risk issues. He currently serves as pension specialist at Rimac Seguros.​

    Juan Mendoza

    ​PhD in Economics from Brown University in the United States. His areas of research are macroeconomics, economic growth and public economics. Professor in the Department of Economics and Director of the Master in Economics at Unviersidad del Pacífico. Has been Professor at the State University of New York in Buffalo, where he also served on the university senate. Has been Lecturer at Brown University and visiting professor at the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Evaluator of the Research Council of Norway and professional referee of academic journals such as American Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics and Journal of Economic Growth. Columnist of Peru 21 and Gestión newspapers.​

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