Competitiveness at the service of inclusive and sustainable well-being
May 12 , 2021

​The book “Competitividad al servicio del bienestar inclusivo y sostenible” explores  education at the service and well-being of others.

"Men for others" is the phrase with which Jesuits around the world lay the foundations of their education. An education at the service and well-being of others, in which values such as compassion, commitment and awareness are part of the vision of the world and of others. 

The book “Competitividad al servicio del bienestar inclusivo y sostenible” ("Competitiveness at the Service of Inclusive and Sustainable Well-Being") works under the premise that competitiveness must go beyond economic logic and includes concepts such as sustainable and inclusive well-being. 

The work, which was carried out collaboratively by more than 15 Universities and Centers linked to the Jesuits, highlights the social justice approach to the other, demanding that everyone does his or her part. This means that everyone can be competitive, but not over others, rather in a competitive in a way that builds on the pursuit of well-being. In other words, one cannot be the best by going above the rest, but by seeking the welfare of society as a whole. Specifically, only by committing to the well-being of others can one become competitive, from a systemic perspective. 

On the other hand, the book also argues that inclusive well-being does not happen because one person says so, but that there are a number of actors who must participate in its construction. These actors would be the business sector, society, public administrations and universities. The latter plays a central role since it not only acts as a generator of future changes, but is also the starting point for initiating dialogue processes with the agents of change in their own scenarios in order to co-create models of competitiveness that are suited to each territorial reality. 

In this sense, the positive aspect of this work is that it leads us to reflect at a time when, as a country, we are going through a deep crisis of institutions and values. Faced with this situation, it is necessary to have a fresh outlook to build new relationships between the actors, take advantage of this “new” opportunity to do things differently, where inclusive and sustainable well-being is present. If you wish to download the book “Competitividad al servicio del bienestar inclusivo y sostenible” ("Competitiveness at the service of inclusive and sustainable welfare") you can do so for free by clicking here.



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